Saturday, February 27, 2010


I have so many things going on in my mind every day of things that I want to get on here to say, but I just never get to it! ..

I got a call from my Dr, on Thursday letting me know that they got all my results back, and there is nothing serious going on, but we need a follow up appointment. So good news! I'm not dying at least! But I am a little nervous about what she did find. I know there is something wrong. You just can't go 5 years without getting pregnant if nothing is wrong. So my follow up appointment is on Wed. I can't wait to find out what is going on so we can hurry up and fix it!

I'm sitting here laughing at my doggy, he's so cute! He's barking at E to play with him, he hops up and down and has this little bark.. lol he is hilarious!

So I've been wanting to rant on about this horrible commercial I have seen. It is about a non surgical way to keep from ever getting pregnant again. In the commercial they have this family playing, a mom, dad, and 2 kids. The mom is going on and on about how she wants to be a "good mother" and doesn't want to "miss out" on her kids life, so they just cant have anymore children.
the slogan is something like " When your family is complete... " Honestly it makes me just sick that they are promoting this stuff! The media is so against family it is sick. Then they have a commercial about animals being neglected and in need... I'm all for taking care of animals, I love them, and would never want any animal to be hurt, but come on! What about all the children out there who have no one? who's parents and guardians are abusing them! You don't ever see these commercials about pro-life, or about children in America that need help. It is a sad sad thing I think.

Anyway.. 2 amazing things happened this week. 1st My friend had her baby girl, Selena Rose! I am so excited for her. This is her 2nd child, she has a little boy who is very excited to have a sister! :) 2nd my little sister found out that she is expecting another girl! This will be her 3rd girl! I know they were hoping for a boy this time.. but everyone is very excited for another girl!

So my hormones were outta control this week.. G called E and I got on the phone for a little bit, but G wasn't wanting to talk to me.. he only wanted to talk to his daddy, and I got a little upset, maby more than I should have. But it is really hard being this far away from G and I know he really misses his daddy. But then the next day we all got on the Web-Cam and G was all talkative and happy. So that made me feel a little better! .. lol I know I'm a big baby..
We have untill June till we get to see him again. We can't afford the plane tickets now for Spring Break. He can't fly by him-self, so one of us needs to fly with him. It is just to much right now and then to do it again in June.. He'll be with us for the entire summer though. I can't wait for that! :)

So tonight E and I are just hanging out with Scrappy. Tomorrow I have lunch with my good friend. I can't wait for that! I haven't seen her in a while.

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