Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maby I should give up FB?

After E and I went to the farmers market today, I came home to relax. So of course I get online and jump on my FB page. New announcements of pregnancies are all over the place! One is G's mother. She finally told the world of their pregnancy. Went on and on about how excited G is. Then her stupid friends put on there "you deserve this more than anyone!" ICK! I just want to throw up reading that. I know I should hide her, but it is kinda my sick way of keeping tabs on her... I know it's horrible, but she does the same thing. Then a few other people putting ultrasound pics up, going crazy about baby stuff, morning sickness.. everything! I should just get rid of the whole thing. But I do love the Vampire Wars game! lol and this is the only way I keep in touch with my family while we are living in this horrible place.
My friend today told me that she would be my surrogate if I wanted her to be! lol she is so great! I didn't tell her that I would not be doing that, because it is not in following with the Catholic Faith. But I said that would be nice, Then she tells me that she makes the cutest babies, and that she would make sure I had the cutest one! :) Thank goodness for friends like that! She always knows how to make me smile.

I just wanted to say now that I am so gratefull for these blogs. This has become my safe haven. I can say how I'm feeling and other people understand! I don't have to hold anything back that I don't want to.
And I wanted to share this passage that I read the other day.

2 Corinthians 1:3-5
" We give thanks to the God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our Father Who shows us loving-kindness and our God Who gives us comfort. He gives us comfort in our troubles. Then we can comfort other people who have the same troubles. We give the same kind of comfort God gives us. As we have suffered much for Christ and have shared in His pain, we also share His great comfort. "

It makes me think about these blogs, it is the same thing. We all have the same "troubles" and we are here to comfort eachother, to show God's love to eachother. We all have the same pain, and in that we can help eachother.


some how, some way, some day said...

I love and hate FB exactly for that reason. I have been very open recently about our infertility and it has brought on a whole new level of support through my FB friends. Now I am blabbing about our adoption but I think I deserve to since we've been TTC for 12 years! Again, everyone is super supportive. Same with the blogs. I've only connected with three of you gals so far but it is nice to know you three have the same feelings as me and you know exactly how I am feeling after I post something. Know that I know how you're feeling too. Take comfort is that, our cyber-friendship. BTW, you should e-mail me and I'll friend you on FB! God will bless you, somehow, someday;)

S.I.F. said...

Sometimes I seriously think Facebook is evil! And I STILL facebook stalk my ex boyfriends ex wife. I don't even know why I do it, but we have all these mutual friends and I get so curious!

So yes, sometimes I think I need to lose Facebook too!