Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Results! dun dun dun....

Well, I'm not dying! lol. I got my results back from my doc. I'm slowly falling apart. Apparently I have a slow thyroid (duh!). This is why I am such a chub-a-lub! I have done everything to lose weight and it has been such a struggle for me since I gained so much a few years back. So, I also have a little high cholesterol, I'm overweight, I'm pre-diabetes, I might have PCOS, and my thyroid is also a little abnormal. So I have gotten a referal to a specialist to check my thyroid. My doc said that it is not enlarged, but is abnormal and needs to bee checked, and hopefully that if "something" is there we caught it early. Also the specialist will be checking to see about the PCOS. I went to the dermatologist in Dec. and she thought I might have it, but the blood work came back negative. My family doc said that it looks to be like the beginning of pcos. GREAT!!!!
Oh, did I mention I have a bug in my stomach?? I have been very gassy for a while and my blood work was checked and now my doc put me on an antibiotic for 2 weeks. Its called H Pylori.... I've never heard of it before, but you can get it anywhere, which is kinda scary. It could be in the food you eat, or it can be passed on by sharing food or drinks with other people. I don't share anything with anybody! So I must have gotten it by food.. ugh!

My doc also put me on thyroid medication. So I'm taking Levothyroxin... ( that's a mouthful) .
Should help me lose weight, which will be so nice. And after my test results come back from my pap test my doc wants me to see a specialist for the infertility.

I've been so blessed to find such a wonderful doctor! She is great, she is so funny, but most important she listens to my concerns and is very helpful. She is the first one to suggest getting checked for so many things! I'm just glad that we are catching everything now and not when it gets to be a bigger problem.

So... for my weight loss goals, I'm blogging about that, but my doc is actually doing the same program! lol it is pretty funny, she called me today to see how I was doing and to give me some encouragement with the workouts..

So that's it for now, I have to go workout and watch CSI.. love that show!


S.I.F. said...

I have heard of so many women with fertility problems who also have thyroid problems. There has GOT to be a link there... Having a wonderful doctor does make all the difference though. I don't know what I would do without mine! At least now you have some answers and can start making the right choices for what to do next... Good luck lady!

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Sorry about the H.pylori. I actually picked that up when I was in South Africa on a work trip a few years ago (or so we think - it is my best guess, as I had never had anything like that before). At the time I did get sick while there, but I just thought it was normal food poisoning and when I got home they put me on cipro for a week or so (that was in April). Fast forward to August and I am completely miserable, my stomach hurt so bad and I finally went to the doctor again and it turned out I had an ulcer (caused by the H.plyori). Here that bug had been causing problems the whole time and I didn't know it until they tested in August. However, the antibiotics kicked it to the curb and I felt so much better after that. So I hope this regimen clears it up for you! Also, I am hypothyroid and have been on synthroid for the last 1 1/2 years. It has been a journey trying to get the levels stabilized, but overall I have been very happy with it.