Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, and Prayer Buddy!

This year E and I went to the Easter Vigil. It was so beautiful. It realy meant alot for us to be here this year. E came into the Church last year, and he recieved all his Sacraments for the first time. :) It was a realy special time for us, and we thought it would be nice to welcome home all the new members. This year there were 10! The sermon was long, but well worth it. I felt such peace afterwards, and the joy that was coming from the new members was amazing! I think this will be our new Easter Tradition.

So here it is, my Prayer Buddy is Beautiful Day! I realy enjoy her blog. Her children are so beautiful! During my Novena this Lent I included her and her family in my nightly prayers. St. Joseph has been there for me and my family, and I wanted her to be able to feel his presence during Lent this year working in her family as well. I hope that she had a wonderful Lent, and I will be continuing to keep her in my prayers. This was a great idea, to be able to pray for someone you don't know, and to just be able to focus on someone else during a time that I want to ask for myself, is very humbling. I realized it is not all about me. There are other people out there who maby we don't realize need our prayers, but God uses us all in ways that we can never understand. I hope to be able to be apart of this again. :)

Today I started my new job and I am to tired to go into it now.. but I will be posting about that soon!

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Beth said...

Thanks so much for your prayers! I really really appreciate it ;) We need all the help we can get over here!