Saturday, April 10, 2010

No coffee = ovulation???

I have read several times that coffee can be a big cause in infertilness ( don't know if that is a real word! ) in a lot of women. I have only had maby 4 cups of coffee in the past few weeks. I have had crazy amounts of CM! I havn't had this much since, forever! Sorry if your grossed out here, but I am so excited. Even E noticed it. I havn't taken my temps in 2 years, so I don't know for sure, but I like to think that maby I ovulated this cycle? After all the coffee is gone from the house, that will be it for me, for the most part. I can't throw it away, you know guilt about wasting has been ingrained in my brain! So just one or 2 cups a week. I love coffee, but I will gladly give it up if it means that we can have a baby. :)

I'm not sure how my thyroid meds are working. I don't realy know if I feel any different. I guess I'm not as tired all day like I was, but my energy is not where I think it should be, or where it used to be years ago. I still have about 4 weeks to go before I get my bloodwork done again, So we will see.

My new job is getting a little better. I have already made some great new friends. And I know that the trainer is just kinda dumb, so I'm ignoring that and just focusing on learning "on the job". It's not that different from my last job, but each company has it's own policies that you need to follow.

So this week on Thursday E smashed up my car! He is fine, thankfully but the car is not at all! Someone did an illegal u-turn in front of him, so E hit the side of this guys car, then this guy tried to take off in the wrong direction on the street, and only stopped because his pacemaker started acting up! Some people! I don't get it. The guys has insurance, so they will be paying for the damages. We should know on Monday if it is totaled or not. In the meantime we did get a rental. It is pretty nice! Not as nice as my car, but still nice.

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Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Sorry about the car, but I am so glad that E is okay. Thank God! I don't drink coffee, but do enjoy my Coke Zero on occasion. I have often wondered about the connection between infertility and caffeine. Good for you that you are giving it up, I wish I could be more diligent about that. Forget that - I have given it up before, but then after a couple of months I start back up, ugh! Oh well, there is always a tomorrow.