Thursday, April 1, 2010

upping my meds..

Yesterday I had my follow up apt with the Endocrinologist. You remember the one who I thought was an absolute idiot? Well this time it was much better. I didn't have to wait as long, and the Dr. realy took the time to talk to me. He still doesn't know squat about PCOS, but he does know about my thyroid, and I need to get that into check.
My levels aren't where they are supposed to be yet, so he upped my Synthroid from 25mcg to 50mcg. My body still isn't converting the T4 to T3, so hopefully upping the dose will do the trick.
I have seen on quite a few blogs about people using Armour instead of the Synthroid. I asked my Dr. about that. He told me that there is no reason to use that "natural" form yet. We first have to get my levels to the right spot, and see if the Synthroid works. He said about 90% of people the Synthroid works. In a normal person your body converts the T4 to T3 and the Synthroid should help my body do that. If it doesn't he will definately put me on the Armour. He said that with the higher dose I should start feeling much better, more "alive" during the day, and the weight should start falling off! Praise God if that happens! I litterally cannot eat anything without gaining weight. My once in a blue moon cheeseburger makes me gain at least 4lbs. Not joking! My dr. said that once the medicine starts working as long as I keep eating healthy and working out, I will be back to my "normal" weight.
I used to be thin! years ago I was thin! My poor hubby has never seen me like that. I will be so excited to have him know that I can look good! :) I know he loves me the way I am, but you know when you feel good about yourself, you look even better!

And yes I kindof quit coffee cold turkey. I havn't had one cup this whole week! It has been rough. I will only drink one cup on the weekends. Like one cup Sat and one cup Sun. I love the taste and smell of coffee... but it is bad for my infertileness.. I did this before, stopping the coffee, and my CM is thicker and I feel better not drinking it everyday. So I think I will keep this no coffee thing going!


some how, some way, some day said...

Best of luck! I hope the Synthroid does it for you! I'll be praying for ya'!

I have 1 cup of a coffee a day, period. I have dropped down from 3 to 4 and you are right, it did improve my CM. Amazing how much little changes can help.

Sew said...

I hope the synthroid works for you! I really do! :) In the five weeks I was on it, it did nothing for me. Are you hypothyroid? From what I have learned hypothyroid patients have a hard time converting that T4 to T3.

Weight has been flying off of me at rapid rates like never before! I've lost 6 pounds in about two weeks.....

I've been on armour for one week and one day and I feel light years different then I ever did on synthroid. So I hope either the synthroid hurrys up and does what it needs to do or he can get you on armour asap! ;)

You should know what it is like to feel this good! ;) That's what my girlfriend tells me and I love her for pushing it onto me! ;)

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

thanks Sew, yeah my doc wants me to work with the Synthroid for now, I have to get my bloodwork done in another 5 weeks. Then if it is not working right we will be gettin on armour asap! Glad it's working for you.