Saturday, April 24, 2010


We are so excited about the offer we got on the house! We now have to wait for the Banks approval of the short sale. This could take a few months. The buyers are in no hurry to move in, so that is a good thing! :)

Right now this feels like the only good thing going on. It is CD2. The cramps started early this morning, and I had to go to work for a few hours. I was not in the mood for that. I always know when this day is coming. it sucks. I don't want to hate it so much anymore. I feel hopeless right now. I guess I always feel like this every month, and then in a few day's I'll be all optimistic and hopefull for the future. But right now, not so much.. I wish I knew what I can do to get PG! It just seems like there is no help out there. I had bought a book on PCOS, and it was a waste of $$. The begining of the book was all about what it is, and the different hormones involved, but then the author said that "its not enough to tell a woman with pcos to just eat less and excersize more!" but then she basically said that is exactly what you need to do to help "cure" the PCOS. If that was all it took, then I should be "healed" right now. Does anyone out there know anything helpfull about PCOS? what to stay away from, what to do to help with the sypmtoms? I am so sick of the cramps that make me feel like I am going to die! I am sick of not getting pregnant, I am sick of everyone around me getting pregnant and always asking me why I don't have any kids. When I say I have a step-child, I always get the same response "oh, so your husband just doesn't want anymore kids?" WTH? NO! Are you stupid? Ugh, it is just frusterating. I hate feeling like this. It is so depressing.


Leila said...

This all must be so frustrating! Especially the stupid comments about your husband not wanting more kids! I've begun to realize that mostly we should all keep our mouths shut unless we know the whole story. Sigh. Praying for you!

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

I am borderline PCOS, so I don't know if this helps or not. But I regularly had awful, oh my goodness, I just want to curl up and die kind of cramps on CD1 for years. Just that one day, no other days and I would literally pray that CD1 fell on a weekend! Anyway, about 1 1/2 years ago a friend recommended flax seed oil because she had read that it was really great about managing PMS. I was desperate so I started taking it. I have seen a HUGE difference since I started taking it, I get very minimal cramps and if they feel a bit uncomfortable I pop 1 aleve and that is it, they are fine and I haven't missed any work, etc. (Well, I did miss one day on CD1 but I think that was because I was more nauseous than anything...but I don't think it had anything to do with cramps.) Anyway, I also started taking cod liver oil a few months ago and I also have noticed a huge difference in terms of anxiety - it has been much less! Finally, one of the great benefits of both sets of vitamins - they make you regular - VERY regular. Which is great! Good luck! ;)