Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We may be moving??

I know I've been away for a while on here. My PMS hormones were kicking in last weekend. I was feeling depressed and sorry for myself, and I figured it would not be good to post feeling like that! During this "time" I think things that I normally wouldn't be thinking, and I just get so down about the littlest things. I am aware of my problem, and isn't that the first step? ;)
So I am patiently waiting for AF to show up and ruin my nice day, or night. I hate that *B*

Anyway. Work has been crazy. It is a little different from what I was doing, and learning the new system has been frustrating. But so far I like it enough. I know it will take some time getting used to, and once I get into the swing of things, it will be a piece of cake! (mmmm cake!)

I wanted to thank all of you for your prayers for us and our housing situation. Also thank you St. Joseph! If your on my facebook you may have already heard, we listed our house! We are really excited about this. Finally! After lots and lots of prayers, we decided to do a short sale. There is some new government program out there that will help with the Short Sales, so that the Seller isn't responsible for the difference in the sale price and the loan amt. That works great for us. We really didn't want to go into Foreclosure, and we can't afford to stay here any longer. E has been out of work for so long, we are running on empty. So my Realtor friend Cesar listed our house yesterday and this evening he actually had a Buyer to look at it! They have since come and gone, about a half an hour ago. We should be hearing from Cesar soon to see what they said. I know it's silly, but we were kinda hoping they would put an offer on the house tonight and we could high-tail it outta here!


Update! Ceasar just stopped by while I am writing this, and he said that he thinks that the Buyers are going to make an offer!


some how, some way, some day said...

Yay! Best of luck to you. St. Joseph is doing his thing! You'll be moving where?

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

Cincinnati OH