Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beach Vacay postponed....

So here's the dealio.. Our Scrappy is very sick. He has been throwing up for a few weeks now on and off. He wouldn't eat anything, and most of what he drank would come back up. Our vet gave us some anti-nausea pills to see if that would help for a while, and to determine if there is an obstruction or not. We were pretty sure that it must be an obstruction, b/c that boy eats everything in sight! The pills helped out for a while and Scrappy started eating again. But then he got sick while he was on the anti-nausea pills. So we took him back to the vet again today and he said that it is not an obstruction. Now we can't do an x-ray on Scrappy because he hates going to the vet, he freaks out and won't let anyone get close to him or he tries to bite. So we could put him out and then do the x-ray, but.. we can't afford it. The vet doesn't take payment plans. So that leaves us with 2 options. The vet thinks that it is a good chance that Scrappy has tumors on his intestines. So we got some new pills to help with that to see if that is what is going on. We are to check to see how Scrappy does for a week on the pills. If Scrappy gets sick in the next few days, then the pills won't work and we will have to let him go. So we are staying home this weekend to make sure that Scrappy is ok and hopefully the pills help him.
The vet said that if he does well on the medication, then he will be able to live a normal dog life for at least another year or maybe more, while taking the medication everyday. But if he doesn't do well.. it will just be awful. But I can't stand to see Scrappy in pain anymore. Last night he was laying on me crying, and then he threw up on the bed. We have been letting him sleep with us since he's been sick b/c he loves it, and we feel so bad for him that he is hurting like this. I really don't want to let my puppy go, but I would rather that than see him in so much pain anymore. I'll keep you updated on his status, please say a prayer for Scrappy.


Well today is CD2 and I am feeling allot better. I'm doing well on my diet and keeping up with my vitamins. I started taking a multi vitamin, and per my docs orders Vit D. The D has really helped since I started taking it. I used to have so much pain in my bones. Anytime something bumped me or if someone grabbed my arm to hard, I would have this excruciating pain in my bones. I knew it wasn't normal, and luckily the doc found out I was Vit D deficient.

I can't find a pic of the swimsuit I found at Macy's so this week I'll be brave and model it for ya! It is really cute :)

Other news,...  Dancing with the stars is on tonight and I'm rooting for Nicole!


JellyBelly said...

Your poor dog!!! I would fall apart when my cat was sick! I drove the wrong direction on a main road one day when my cat was ill!!! I'll say a prayer to St. Francis for Scrappy.

I've been taking a Vitamin D supplement since the fall and it has changed my life!!! I hardly got sick this past winter and I feel like I have more energy while I'm on it. If you get muscle pain it could be because you have a magnesium deficiency. I got some magnesium gel and whenever I have an ache it disappears!

Al said...

SO sorry about your puppy!! I hope that he does amazingly well on the meds..that has to be so hard to watch. I'll be thinking of him.

S.I.F. said...

I am so sorry scrappy is so sick lady! That just breaks my heart! I'll send out some happy vibes that the pills do their magic!

some how, some way, some day said...

So very sorry that Scrappy is sick. We went through that with Max last fall. It's an awful feeling knowing something is wrong but not being able to do anything about it! I'll be praying!

Faith makes things possible said...

So sorry to hear about your dog!!