Sunday, May 16, 2010

Off with the fat!

I have 2 weeks to lose 20lbs! Ha! will never happen, but I am on a mission to get the fat gone! We are going to Newport Beach for the Memorial Day weekend. whoo hooo!
I love the beach! I love that its only a 5 hour drive for us here. Back home, it was a good 14 hour drive to the beach. That sucked!
But now I feel the pinch, the time is slowly creeping up on me, and I haven't even noticed it! I have been trying to lose weight for so long, that I wasn't on top of it as I should have been lately. I'm probably going to have to buy a new suit to cover up my belly this year. But even so, I'm on a mission to be fit this summer!
Here are a few new items I've added to my diet, to replace some of the other things I was eating.

My just for one veggies, good to round out my work lunches, and snacks when I;m hungry at home. The Special K bars are alright. It's chocolate, so I can deal with that,even though the bars are the size of a single Twix bar! And finally my Adkins shake. It is pretty gross, and gave me bad breath after I drank it, but It is pretty filling and makes for a good breakfast with some fruit.

I am ready for a relaxing weekend ahead! I sooo need this! I need to get away from my work, and the worry of getting pregnant! In 3 weeks Gabe will be here, so this is our last "free" weekend of the summer. I'm super excited for him to get here, but I will definitely need my rest to get ready for an almost 9 year old! :)


JellyBelly said...

You could do a bowel prep to lose some of that weight!!!

Just joking!

Get a tankini, I have a couple and they're lifesavers! The way I look at it, I don't walk around in my bra and underpants so I shouldn't wear a bikini!

S.I.F. said...

I actually love the Just for One peas and corn! They've got this butter and herbs on them that is pretty good!

Good luck lady! 20 pounds in 2 weeks is pretty intense, but maybe if you shoot for that and pull of 10 it will be worth it! :)

Faith makes things possible said...

Hello! I found your blog through some others and see that you, too, struggle with PCOS...I hear you about the losing the weight! I'm trying to now and my first step was to NOT eat everything and every time that my husband does. So far, so good! ;) Good luck!!

prayerfuljourney said...

Boy, you sound determined to lose that weight...keep us posted. I'd like to know if what you are doing helps with losing 20lbs in 2 weeks. I've been trying and it's coming off so slow. Weight loss does try my patience.