Thursday, May 27, 2010

Recent Happenings

Hey all! I want to thank you for your prayers for the Scrapps! I think he might be doing better already, but it's kinda hard to tell. We will just have to wait out the week and see what happens.
Gabe's step-dad S is going into surgery right now, so hopefully that will all go ok.

Thank you for your input on the tankini! And E said I was supposed to correct myself b/c technically it is a Bandini! Whatever! lol :) And it does actually have straps that you can put on that goes around my neck. But I like it without, and I usually don't do much running around on the beach. I like to just chill and get some rays!

So yesterday E and I had our first big fight in 5 years! it was awful! And it was about nothing, I mean absolutely nothing at all! There was allot of yelling and E almost left the house. Then of course I was balling my eyes out, and we had a long talk and 10 min later it was like nothing had happened at all! We decided that we just got complacent in our relationship and that we need to do more things together. So we decided that we will go out once a week somewhere new. We will take turns deciding where to go and we figure that should give us lots new stuff to talk about and maby spice things up a bit. Do any of you have any other ideas to keep things fresh in your relationships??
It is kind of heartbreaking to know that we finally reached this point. I mean you know it will happen one day, but we weren't' like other couples. We never fight, we never get bored with each other, I mean we only hang out with each other most of the time as it is! He is my bestest friend and I do not want to ever fight like that again. I couldn't imagine not having him around.

Tomorrow we are going hiking up at Mt. Charleston, then having a picnic there. E is not that kind of guy, but I told him it would mean allot to me, so after he kicks my butt on the trails, I get to romance him with a picnic! :)


some how, some way, some day said...

Sounds like you are off to a good start on keeping the relationship fresh! Outdoor activities are always an adventure! Good luck to you, Suz. After almost 14 years of wedded bliss I know where you are coming from;)

Sara Renee said...

My hubby & I have been together for nearly 8 years and been married for nearly 4 years! We rarely fight as well, and like you said, when we do, it's usually about NOTHING important!

We have this little thing we call "Talky Time" to which neither of us can deny eachother. Either he or I will find the other person in the house & say, "Talky time". No matter what the other person is doing, they must stop and we go to the bedroom. We just lay there and talk, or cuddle. Mostly we cuddle and tell eachother we love eachother and vent about what's on our mind. It's very nice :)

As far as dates go, we don't go out to eat very often so when we do it's a treat... and we love small road trips to restaurants we've seen on the food network lol!

prayerfuljourney said...

I've been married to my dh 8 years now and we have gotten very comfortable with each other. We are just into our routines however we have dinner together as much as we can. That is our time...we don't talk much(b/c he does not want to talk about work when he gets home) but it's nice to be together. We usually talk about our families. We also try to spend some time together on Sat. evenings just watching a movie, tv or we play a game. We also go out for dinner on Sats too. We were thinking about not going on our usual getaway trip this summer but I have been adament about it. Next fall we will both be so busy...I'm afraid our time together will be limited. We shall see.

I meant to comment about your sick dog earlier. I know it's scary. Our cat has a throwing up "issue" too and after a year of it getting worse and worse...finally..a vet read his file and figured out what the problem was...he has IBS..irritable bowel syndrome. So now he's on steroids and doing much better. Now I can feel good about getting our carpets cleaned! Glad to hear your dog is doing better. :)

JellyBelly said...

I hate it when Mr. JB and I fight. We're one of those "no filter" couples so it must sound that we're always fighting, but we're not! It's very seldom that we have real blow outs, but when we do I hate it! It's a good thing that you and the Mr. have decided to change things up. I also make sure that I do things by myself (mostly yoga) without Mr. JB so I have my time away from him too. I find even going out to the 'bucks with a girlfriend makes me appreciate him more!

S.I.F. said...

First big fight in 5 years sounds pretting incredible though lady! I mean, I know it wasn't so fun while it was going on, but I'm still pretty impressed by you two! And you got a picnic out of it! :)