Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Tankini!

ok, so this is a very short post. E and I need some time together, I'll get into that another day, but here are the pics of the awesome tankini that I bought at Macy's :

And miss Faith makes things possible .. there is something wrong with your comment link! No one can comment, when you click to comment nothing happens! So fix it girly b/c I've been trying to comment!!


Faith makes things possible said...

Thanks for the heads up! I have mo idea what happened, but I'm sure it was something I did by accident! Hopefully I fixed it! We shall see...

As for your new swim suit, you're a brave soul for having no straps! Last time I had that, well let's just say pre-jumping in the water it was doing it's job covering the girls and then post-jump, well...not so much. 

JellyBelly said...

I love your tankini!!!! I am also fearful of going strapless, but you go girl!!!!