Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CD1, Fathers day and other ramblings...

Hola all! Thank you all for your support with this diet. Ann I have to ask what is this "faux" rice ??? I love to have brown rice with alot of my dishes, so please tell!
Also I am slowly getting back online to read all the blogs.. so I'll be commenting soon I promise! :)

So interesting cycle I'm having this time. I was all emotional mid cycle, which could have also been because of all the stress with my dog and Gabe coming. But then my period started on Monday, 4 days early! I actually had a 28 day cycle! WTH?? I can't remember the last time it was 28 days. I usually go for 32 days, and get all crazy in the head. But this time 28 days. And no crazy! My cramps were horrendous though,I was having some cramping a few days before, which isn't unusual, I will sometimes cramp a few days and then nothing until my period. But I was cramping for about 3 days on and off, and all of a sudden I'm at work in the potty and Bam! there she was! I was so unprepared, I had to ask all over the office for "supplies"! My cramps got so bad that I almost went home. But another interesting point about this period was the color. Bright red, which I think is a good thing? Its still very short, only 3 days. But this is partly why I haven't been able to post or comment, my cramps were so bad on Monday that I only got threw about 3 blogs before I had to go lay down. So I'm trying to get threw it all tonight, maby I'll be done by tomorrow! lol

So Fathers day was nice this year. We are poor, so nothing really for E. Gabe made him a card, and I made breakfast, and E's favorite dinner, steak and shrimp! He gets this at least twice a year, once for Fathers day and once for his B-day. Also made his favorite cake, yellow moist cake with chocolate frosting! I totally cheated on my diet and had a slice! Mass was very nice, our church was having a free breakfast for fathers afterwards, but E can't wait till after church to eat, so I had already made french toast and fruit for him.

My diet I think is getting easier. I think it was not only extra hard last week because I wasn't used to it, but also I get crazy cravings before my period. I made this recipe from the diet book, it did not turn out good at all! It was mashed cauliflower. Instead of mashed potatoes, you put the cauliflower in a pot with water and olive oil and garlic, let that get really soft and mash, and voila! mashed cauliflower, supposed to be similar to the potatoes. Ok, mine was so not even close! I don't make much cauliflower b/c it smells up my fridge if I don't use it right away. So I was waiting forever for it to soften, and I thought it was soft enough, so I started smashing away, and it wouldn't mash! It got all fibery and weird, but I ate it anyway, and it was ok. Tasted like cauliflower though! lol. Have any of you ever made anything like that? I've read this recipe before, but I've always been afraid to try it. I may make it again and try to soften it a little more before I start mashing!

On the Gabe front, I'm so excited he's here. He's a great kid, and I'm pretty lucky that he is such a good kid. He's been telling us that he loves it at our house! :) We try to do as many things with him as we can. We love to play Clue, and crazy 8's. E has him doing yard work and house work while I'm at work, and he's enjoying it. It's something for E and Gabe to do together, and E is teaching him how to be a man! lol. When Gabe gets here, I always just want us to be normal, and be a family. I have tried so hard to make sure that Gabe doesn't feel like he's a burden or anything like that, I just want him to feel loved and accepted in our home. I want us to be a united family, and I hope I'm doing it all right!

Oh I found this great online 3 minute retreat! It's from the Loyola Press, Its a great little spiritual helper. :)
here is the link


Ann - Building a Nest said...

It sounds like a fun time with Gabe. I loved when my parents would play board games with me.

A food processor is your best friend when it comes to cauliflower. You have to find a right balance with liquid when it comes to mashed cauliflower and it works best if you “mash” it by putting it in a food processor. That's the only way I know to get it smooth.

1 small-medium head of fresh cauliflower
1 Tbsp. water
1 Tbsp. reduced fat butter
1-2 Tbsp. of heavy cream, half & half or skim milk (be careful with skim milk if using that. Add as little as possible or it will become runny.)
¼ cup reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese
salt & pepper

Chop cauliflower into small pieces and place in a large covered casserole dish with 1 Tbsp. of water. Microwave for 10 minutes. check & stir after 5 minutes. Drain.
Add hot cauliflower, butter, cheese, salt & pepper to food processor & process. Slowly add cream or milk until smooth (but don't go too far or it will get runny . . .just until smooth).

By the way, leftovers do stink up the fridge. I generally can’t eat leftovers so I make sure to make just enough for us.

Ann - Building a Nest said...

Oh I forgot:
Faux Rice is made with shredded cauliflower and again, it’s best if you have a food processor. Look, nothing is as good as rice (be it brown or my favorite, basmati), but it’s a good substitute. Oh, and the leftovers of this don’t stink up the fridge like mashed cauliflower does.

3 cups of shredded cauliflower (shred with food processor grater or cheese grater. One head will usually make about 4-5 cups, so put the rest in a container in the fridge to use in the next couple of days)
1 Tbsp butter + 1 Tbsp olive oil
some chopped onion & garlic
½ cup low sodium no added sugar chicken broth (maybe a bit more if needed)
½ tsp of coarse salt (a little less if using table salt) & black pepper
Flavorings: My favorite is ½ tsp of tumeric. You could add 1 tbsp. of taco seasoning for Mexican flavor (may need to reduce the salt) or a bit of Cajun seasoning. Whatever you like).

Heat butter & oil in skillet (med-high). Add onion, garlic, shredded cauliflower and cook about 2 minutes. Add the broth & seasonings, reduce heat and simmer until the texture you desire (no more than 8 minutes). I made this last night.

Sara Renee said...

Have you had low carb pancakes yet? They are made out of pork grinds... omg they are tasty... especially if you haven't had carbs in a while, lol!

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

Ann thanks for the recipe! Sara do tell this recipe! Sounds good! :)