Friday, June 25, 2010

Condoms for all!

What the heck is going on here!!! Did you all see that news article about a school district in Massachusetts that voted unanimously to begin giving out free condoms to students who request them…even if they’re in first grade !! First grade!! What is this???!! I almost choked on my dinner last night when I heard this. The parents do not need to be notified if their child is requesting to get a condom. Even if the parents tell the school they do not want their child getting condoms from school, they still will give it to the child without letting the parents know.
How on earth can anyone agree to this? Who in there right mind would think that it's ok for these little kids to have condoms available? And I know that most 1st graders probably don't even know what a condom is, but the fact that it is even permissible is disgusting!
I know that once things like condoms or birth control are available to kids, at any age, they are more likely to have sex, than if none of this was available! It blows my mind that parents or any adult can think that it's ok for these kids to be having sex. Maby they think that there being good parents by providing "safe" sex, but why make it available at all?? I know this brings up a whole new moral subject that I'm sure most of you agree with me on, but how do you explain this to others who aren't Catholic or Christian, or even those who are but just don't know the truth??
Sex is sacred, and I believe that at the right age your child should be made aware of whats going on with their bodies, but not to just give them condoms and let them have a free for all!!
My sister and her husband teach a Theology of the Body class to teenagers, and it is amazing! I think that this should be mandatory in every parish across the nation! The more people who are aware of how beautiful sex is and how it is sacred act between husband and wife, the better off our future generations will be!
It just upsets me so much to see things like this on the news, and on the radio this morning there were just ignorant people who were ok with it! Our country needs prayers people! It's so sad..


the misfit said...

I have an easy answer to this. A person does not have the legal capacity to consent to sex before 16 (or, in some states, 18 - and there are a few with other numbers). That's what statutory rape is - when the minor DOES consent (i.e., says it's OK), but that doesn't matter because s/he doesn't have the CAPACITY to consent at all. First graders don't have the capacity to consent to sex. If an adult has sex with a first grader, that is a felony. If two first graders have sex with each other, neither commits a crime, but an adult who encouraged it is guilty of a crime in most states. I think there's a strong argument that giving condoms to minors incapable of consent (and not reporting their requests to the police as a sign that they are potentially the victims of abuse) is criminal on the part of the school and/or teachers. You don't have to bring religion into it at all. I'm flabbergasted that this went through.

prayerfuljourney said...

This is just horrifying! It's been written and said that no matter how much society puts condoms or any other kind of b/c down teens throats...most are not going to use's a statistic. They get into the "moment" and throw caution to the wind...sadly. That particular school district is really lowering themselves by even subjecting the word "condom" into an early elementary student's vocab. Girls...we just have to keep praying! Lord help them!

Sara Renee said...

Horrible, horrible, horrible... It makes me sick to think that the parents wouldn't have any say in the matter as well! It's bad enough to give condoms out to children, but against the parents wishes too... That's sick, perverted, and honestly just ugh! Sooo wrong on sooo many different levels! WHY can't kids just be kids?

Leila said...

I think Misfit's point is exactly right!

I read the story, too, and was sickened. It is unconscionable. It is demonic, frankly.

The only good news (if you can call it that) is that the publicity has resulted in the school district restricting the condoms to FIFTH grade and up! That is not much consolation, but at least it's not first graders anymore? Makes me sick all the way around.

Oh, and we taught a whole group of teens Theology of the Body for Teens and it was wonderful!

mrsblondies said...

The parents need to fight this using Misfit's point. The story is sickening, especially since first graders shouldn't even have any idea what a condom is.

Sew said...

It made me throw up in my mouth. And I'm not sure where the parents are in all of this. I would have marched my momma bear self in that class or school or whereever and went on a rampage. I would have picketted or whatever I needed to do, call the mayor, the Pope, pulled my kid out and homeschooled whatever....I would have freaked. ;)

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

Misfit, your point is great! thats an awesome argument to fight thoes who are not believers! :)