Saturday, June 19, 2010

First week almost over.

SO I'm just about done with the first week of this horrid diet. But, I am committed to 30 days. I really hope I can keep it up. It's just that I feel like my belly is constantly empty. I can eat the fruit leathers, and they have some great ones at Trader Joes that I love. And the soup is no bueno for lunch anymore. It definatley did not fill me up enough during the work day. I am still working on getting my thyroid in check, but I have another 3 weeks till I get my bloodwork done again. I'm on 75mcg's of Levothyroxin right now, and I am pretty sure it will need to be upped again.

Did you know that there is a completely true and physical reason that some of us especially with pcos, have a hard time feeling full? There is a gland in your brain called the Hypothalamus, it tells your body when your full or hungry. Studies show that with alot of women with pcos, their hypothalamus isn't working properly.
So now that I know this, wenever I want some bad food I can tell E that I need to feed my hypothalamus or my brain will shut down! hahaha! Isn't that crazy though? I never understood why I could eat so much and not feel full.

Yesterday for dinner I made a pork loin that I marinated in some store bought marinade all day. It was delicioso! I had a big salad with it and made the boys baked potatoes.
Here is my food for today

Breakfast: 1 egg with left over pork loin, and a grapefruit

Lunch : soup and a salad

snack: handful sunflower seeds

Dinner: taco salad. I cooked the ground beef with onions and taco seasoning, and just put that with lettuce tomatoes and taco sauce. ( that wasn't part of the diet book, but I can't eat all this bland food for 30 days ) But no cheese or sour cream added which I love, so I figure a plus for me! :)
I slept most of the morning, so I didn't need as much to eat today.


Ann - Building a Nest said...

I see you are following a book (I’m cheering you on!), so the following suggestion is once the 30 days are over with. Okay? I’m just feeling for you here because I know how frustrating this is to change a diet and you kind of have to do a juggling act to find out what does fill you up.

I can’t handle most low-carb soups for lunch. It’s like it’s just enough food to totally tick me off. However, I also can't eat breakfast and can only force myself to choke down cottage cheese so that may be part of my lunch-time hunger issue.

I generally have a very high-protein salad w/ some form of a healthy fat (a little olive oil dressing, cheese, sunflower sees, or almonds, etc.) and that does fill me up. And I do different salads so they aren’t the same thing and I never get bored. Ex: Canadian bacon & cheese salad, Asian chicken salad, chicken fajita salad, egg salad on top of a green salad, tuna salad served inside tomato, shrimp feta, taco salad (like what you mentioned but I add 1 cup of shredded cabbage to the ground beef as a filler to “bulk” it up without bulking up the carbs. BTW. Shredded cabbage and shredded cauliflower are GREAT for this – if you ever want any tips or recipes let me know. I love my "faux" rice now and don't miss the real deal . . . . most of the time). We eat a lot of salads for dinner, too, and my DH is basically on the same diet so we know how to do it well now (and we do eat meatless dinners three times a week, believe it or not).

I do have 2 soups that I make for lunch which fill me up, but they aren’t low carb (20-27 grams per serving) b/c they have beans in them, but they are low GI (which is my main goal).

My apologies for YET another rambling comment. Good luck, lady!

Leila said...

It's so good that you are educated about all of this!! It will pay off for you, for sure.

And Ann, you never ramble. I love your thoughts!

the misfit said...

I am impressed with your dedication. Kudos on your first week!!