Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It could happen .. Right?

Have you ever seen that show I didn't know I was Pregnant? . Today I couldn't help but to think would if that is me? This is what happened. Yesterday I woke up super sick. My stomach hurt so bad, I was nauseous all day, then again this morning. I have had cramps almost all day like I'm going to start my period. Of course I'm not because I already had my period last week. But I'm telling E and he is worried about me being so sick, so he tells me that I must be pregnant! What! So I amuse him and ask why he thinks that. Here is his logic... You can be pregnant and still have a period, and my period was very short only 2 days and no spotting like normal afterwards, why else would I have morning sickness, and cramps?
OMG I'm married to a crazy person! I laughed at him and he said I should take a test when I get home from work. I shrugged it off but all anyone has to do is plant a seed into my IF mind and it goes running off like a race horse!
I of course know that E's logic is nonsense, but I couldn't help but to think what if? Maby I'm about to give birth and have no idea! Maby the cramps are contractions! I could be anywhere and all of a sudden pop out a baby! According to this show it has happened! ;)
The cramping has subsided, but it was weird. I'm not sure what that was all about, but I'm kinda disappointed that this wasn't happening a week ago and I could of hoped that I would be late to actually finally take a PGTest. I have never taken one. I've never been late, I've never had a chance to take a test. Even if it came back with a BFN I would like to just have that little bit of hope that it could happen..


Meredith Jeannette said...

I watched that show last week and thought the SAME thing. Isn't it crazy how we have the ability to not show any signs any physical signs of pregnancy and all of a sudden give birth like the girls on that show. I saw a show last week where a woman and her husband tried for 15 years fertility treatments and all then ended up going into labor not even knowing she had been pregnant! I know we who have suffered from our barren uterus's would LOVE for something like that to happen! Keep us posted if anything changes!


prayerfuljourney said...

Maybe you had some kind of bug...I don't know...but I find that show interesting. I'm so in tune with my body...there's no way that would happen to me. I guess that's a good thing.

some how, some way, some day said...

Yeah, there is no way I could ever be pregnant and not know it. I have imagined myself pregnant too many times for an actual pregnancy to sneak on by. How are your temps by the way?

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

I actually wish that could happen for you!!! I'm pretty sure it won't happen that way, though..... :)

mrsblondies said...

I've seen the show once, but I still don't understand how someone could be pregnant not know it, especially if they dealt with IF. I'm pretty sure you'll know if you do get pregnant though :).

the misfit said...

Hey, if you've never POAS'd, and you had a really short period and then cramps and nausea, I would say you have a bona fide reason to pee on one. It's an absolutely quintessential part of the IF experience (including the single-line result) - you can't miss out on that! And, of course, if you had two lines, that would be extra-awesome, and YOU MUST TELL US.

As to being NINE months pregnant and not realizing it - heh. Anyone who manages that should have her head examined, clearly, but I can't imagine it could ever happen to an infertile.

Trustful Surrender said...

Hoping for you.

Faith makes things possible said...

I do not like that show, it annoys me, although I have thought about that a couple of times, "what if I'm pregnant and didn't know?!" of course, I always took a test and it was BFN...but you never know unless you test!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't ever seen the show, but we've all heard of cases. But 9 months - you'd have to be pretty heavy not to notice, or am I missing something?
I have been pretty symptom-free re: cravings, hunger, nausea, so much so that I made myself crazy with worry. If you were to combine that with some bleeding that other people have, I could see missing it for a few months, even if you are paying attention, probably not if you are IF.
If you are going to do a POAS - throw it away after 10 minutes! It is possible to get a late line when you aren't pregnant. (happened to me on two different cycles) - and it's a heartbreaker.
While it would be awesome if this is a miracle pregnancy - I still hope you are feeling better soon!