Saturday, July 3, 2010

A little bit of everything!

thank you all for your prayers and well wishes! Things are starting to get crazy and I'm getting nervous! I am a worry wort, and I can't help it! I hate not knowing the unknown. I want to know what job I'll have and where we'll live. I hate feeling this way.
I have to share some good news, my little sister just had baby #3! She has all girls, and they are the most beautiful kids I have ever seen! They are just so cute and so sweet, you can't help but to love them! :) Her husband is in the Army Reserves and is on his way oversees in a few months. He'll be gone for a year, so this will be pretty hard on my sister to have to raise those girls on her own. Please keep them in your prayers!

My older sister D is trying to sell her house and they just bought a new one, and she called me today to let me know that there closing date for the new house is the same as ours! She offered us their house that they still have on the market to live in rent free until we get jobs! That was an amazing offer and I was so excited, but we realized that there is no way we can live there even rent free. E has his unemployment but that just pays for our car bills, insurance, gas and child support. We wouldn't have enough $$ to pay for food, or the other bills, like water and electricity. So we had to pass at least for now. Were just going to have to stay at my parents house until we have a job. Hopefully that won't be too long! I mean I love my mom, but it;s hard living there in someone elses house with there rules, and my step dad is getting old and grouchy. But I'm glad we at least have a place to stay where we won't have any extra bills.

Nothing new on the IF front. My temps are still low. But higher than they've ever been! Still working on getting my thyroid in check. I have another few weeks till I have to get my blood work done.

My diet is going well, I've lost 6lbs! I'm so sick of eggs, and meat and salads! I just want some cheese and a tortilla! I have one more week of this no carbs thing, then I can just do the low GI. And that is how I'll have to live my life. I think I can handle that though. I can still have pasta and lentils. I have a new recipe book of low GI recipes. Looks pretty good, I'm ready to eat some good food! :)

So I need to vent a little here. I have this friend at work, S, she has allot of issues, but tries really hard most of the time to be a good person. She always asks my advise on how to be better and for a while we were getting to be pretty good friends. Then I started noticing that she tries to do whatever I do. If I'm on a diet and can't eat certain things, then she can't either, If I say something funny she'll use my joke over and over again to everyone she sees threw out the day. She even started dressing similarly to me. Its weird and kind of annoying but I know she just wants people to like her and she's trying not to be the "bad" girl that she has always been before. She has made lots of bad choices in her life, and her family is not very nice. But the past few days she's been kind of mean. She has two kids, one boy and one girl. Her girl is just a few months old, and she feels the need to talk about her all the time! Everyday she wants to show me a new picture and tell me that her daughter can lift her head now, and hold her bottle! It's over the top how she does it and she makes a huge production about it. She knows how long and how hard it has been for me with my IF. And yet she still gushes about her baby all day long! At first I was happy for her, but now I can't even fake smile anymore. Then on Friday she told me that she and her husband have to use the pull out method because she is afraid of getting pregnant, then she actually says to me that I am so lucky that I don't have to worry about getting pregnant! I almost punched her right in the face! I didn't say anything because I was afraid I might choke her! I had to go take a break and call E. I was so mad. I can't believe that anyone could be that stupid and that uncaring when she knows how I feel about my IF.
E says she is jealous. She envy's my life, and this is the one thing that she has that I can't have. So she is purposely throwing it into my face. I don't know, but I do know that I can't be friends with someone like that. I will still be nice, because that's just who I am, but I have to cut her out of my life. I guess it's good that we are moving. I will find new friends, hopefully some good ones!


Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

Oh, wow, that is an EXTREMELY stressful situation with your co-worker! AGGHHH! You have a lot of self-control. I will pray that things go smoothly for you with all you have going on in you life now.

Jenny said...

Hey - Can you email me?? My email is on my profile... I have a question for you! And a agree with Leila -- lots of self control! Why would someone say that to you or anyone!!!??? UGH!

mrsblondies said...

The situation with the coworker sounds really hard to deal with. I'm so sorry that she threw your IF in your face. I'll be praying for your move and for both of you to find jobs near your new home.

Sara Renee said...

I totally feel you on the coworker... Only I have a whole mess of them that tell me that I'm sooo lucky that I don't have kids yet & they "offer" me their children when they do something bad! So I like to tell them how lazy my weekends are and play up any self indulgence on myself to make them jealous, lol. Motherhood is a blessing, not a curse & I know I'll treat it as such. Stoopid Coworkers... Stay strong- now is the time for newness since you're movin!!

Congrats on the weight loss! You go girl!

JellyBelly said...

I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this crazy co-worker! You must have the patience of a saint that you can put up with her without punching her out! Perhaps you can make a "sarcastic" comment back to her about your IF for her to get the point? I know that's passive-aggressive, but I don't like confrontation myself.

I worked with a horribly annoying teacher at my old school (who co-habitated openly with her husband before their wedding) that could get pg at the drop of a hat. She would talk so loudly about every ache, pain, and pound gained. It was so annoying that even the fertile women couldn't stand it. It got to the point that I just started to avoid the staff room!

Great job on your diet! You're doing such an awesome job!

the misfit said...

I totally agree with your husband that she's jealous. She couldn't take over your life even by copying you, so she's trying to torment you, but she's not even very good at that, she's so transparent. It's so hard for me to hear people go on about things they should shut up about around me - but if I knew they were really doing it on purpose because they were totally pathetic, I think that maybe it would be a little easier. Because that's SO pathetic. She has this huge blessing that you'd love to have and don't have, and in her head, she'll never be worth nearly as much as you. Maybe if she tries that again you can say, "I'll pray for you" - I usually think it's rotten to use that to be snotty (which so many people do), but in her case, it seems appropriate!

I'm very aggravated at her on your behalf, obviously :). And congrats on your diet!!

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

misfit, your awesome! Thanks for all the prayers!

Meredith Jeannette said...

Hi- I started reading your blogs through Sara Renee's blog. I can relate with the IF just in a different way... I can't wait to hear how it progresses! As for the co worker bit-I just quit a job where I had a girl always talk that way towards me about her little girl. Then she would make comments like- "if I didn't have kids I might be able to do this or that." regarding a schedule suggestion I would make. Then she herself was adopted and my husband and I are trying to adopt our foster kids-she would say things like "I just feel its the child's best interest to stay with someone biologically related to them. Oh I'm sorry I shouldn't have told you that." There were days I seriously almost knocked the you know what out of her! Stay strong there are too many evil people out there who will never know the pain of IF!!!