Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Prayer Buddy is Awesome!!! :)

I just want to say thanks so much to my prayer buddy WheelbarrowRider at Life from Inside the Wheelbarrow. I got your gift in the mail the other day and it is so so nice! Thank you~! :)
She sent me this book on ST Gerard, I didn't know that much about him, but now I've learned about his life and why he is the patron saint of motherhood. Also St Gerard is from the same area in Italy that my family is from! I just thought that was pretty cool! Also she sent some beautiful holy cards, one of st Gerard, and another to St Raphael, and one with a prayer to the Holy Spirit. Another little thing that I just think is so neat, is that Raphael is a family name! My Grandmother is Raffaella, and several other people in my family have the name. I know I;m a dork, but I think stuff like that is so neat! Thank you so much for the gifts! :)

I am reading all your blogs but not able to make alot of comments, we are really trying to get everything packed and ready to go for the move, and yesterday the air conditioner broke! It is 100 degrees inside the house! It will cost us $1200.00 to fix and we just don't have the $$ to do it! We are going to have to work something out with the buyers... ugh! But you are all in my thoughts and prayers every day, and I'm going to try to post and comment as much as possible before the move, then i;ll be taking a week or so off to get settled in.


Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Both those saints rock!! Good luck on the move!

My Heart Exults... said...

Isn't it funny how these prayer buddy gifts are connected in a way that the buddies didn't know they would be? That is the Holy Spirit at work! Thanks be to God!!!

WheelbarrowRider said...

I am so glad you got and liked it. That really is amazing about the connection because, of course, I had no idea! It is so true about the Holy Spirit guiding this whole process!

I am so sorry about the a/c-ugh! I can't imagine how miserable it must be to pack in such a hot house. I hope that the cooler weather we are just now getting heads your way!

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

That's so cool! I am loving St Raphael lately. He's my patron Saint for this year.

I can't get enough of that pic of your dog - SO CUTE!

some how, some way, some day said...

Sorry about the a/c! Maybe you'll get a little cold snap in the next few days? Here's hoping!