Friday, September 24, 2010

All in the Family

These are the only facts that I knew about my family. My Grandmother only had one child. My mother. She had several miscarriages and the doctors told her she had to have a hysterectomy. When I first realized there was a problem with me I tried to talk to my G-ma about it, i wanted to know if there was any family history that I should know to tell the Drs. G-ma said no that it was nothing that is just what they did back then.
The other day I was talking to my G-ma and she tells me that she had cysts on her ovaries and the Dr.'s said that is probably why she had so many miscarriages and had to have a hysterectomy. OMG!!! Really!! I knew that I couldn't be the only one with PCOS. There are so many women in my family it just didn't make sense that no one else had PCOS. Of course no one knew what that was 60 + years ago, but I had asked my G-ma and my mom several times about G-ma's IF issues. My mom then tells me that G-ma's sister only had 2 children and it was very difficult for her to even have 2! Also my mom's cousin was told she couldn't have children. They adopted one and did actually get pg and have one child of their own. But no one will talk about what was wrong, what did the Dr's say ... nothing.
I just want to know that I am not a mutant in the family! It sometimes gets really hard when all of my sisters have so many children, and easily get pg. My mom does this healing prayer in her parish. People come from all over IN and OH to come see her and the other ministers here. She has wanted me to do the healing prayer because she thought that she was the reason that I have PCOS. She was such an emotional mess when she was pg with me, she said she was near suicidal. This was when she found out my father was having an affair and was basically going to leave her with nothing and 5 children to care for. So when I found out about my G-ma I told my mom that its just what I knew it had to be.. It's hereditary! Everywhere I read says that a women who has PCOS also has a grandmother, mother, or sister who also has PCOS.
I just wanted to know where it came from! Now I do, and as soon as we get insurance again I'll be able to give all the facts to my Dr.

Oh, and BTW E got a job!!! whoo whooo! It doesn't pay as much as we'd like, but it's a start and we are very blessed that he was able to get a job so quickly. Thank you all who prayed for us. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AF ... always on time.

I have been so busy since we got here! And also only one computer for the entire household, and my mother is working from home while her new office is being built, so computer time is limited! lol
This past weekend was great because we got to pick up Gabe for the weekend. We are only 2 & 1/2 hours away so we meet halfway, and it's not a bad drive. There was a church festival this weekend, so we went there with my family. Gabe had a blast, there were rides and food and music. On Friday night Elvis was there! lol I think it's pretty funny that all the time I lived in Vegas I have never seen an Elvis impersonator, and I move to IN and I get to see one in concert! lol :)
The first weekend we were here, my Uncle Bob, (who is actually a cousin) is a Priest. He comes to visit the family once a year and luckily I was here this time. I haven't seen him in over 7 years. We had dinner for him and afterwards he did some healing prayer on those of us who wanted it. So my mom pushes me forward to get prayed over for the IF issues. I have never had anyone pray over me for this situation or asked anyone for prayers for help in this area of my life. I am so glad that Fr Bob was able to pray over me. I felt lifted up and refreshed when he was done. It was really just an amazing experience. When there is something wrong with you and someone who is Holy prays over you and asks God to help you with it, it's wonderful.
But at the same time I think it put an unrealistic ideals into my head. I knew that AF was coming soon, but I didn't have allot of PMS or any of my usual symptoms. On our move, I kept thinking that this was the month it would happen! I just knew that I was pg. Maby that is also because everyone kept telling me that as soon as I moved they just knew that I would get pg. So I was hopeful. Then I get prayed over and I am just ecstatic that this is the month! this is it! But it wasn't.
This past Friday AF showed up. I knew it would because I started cramping on Thursday and I'm charting and it all pointed to AF coming to town. This was a hard one for me. Sometimes AF doesn't bother me. I mean I hate when it shows up because it's another failed month, but I'm aware that it will be there and I'm not thinking that I could be pg. So those months I am ok. But then on times like this where I feel that this is the time, somehow I just know that I am pg, and AF shows up... It's horrible. I feel like a failure. I start to wonder when or if I will ever be pg. Will I be an old mother? will I ever be a mother at all? Lots of questions clog up my mind, and I have to make myself stop thinking about these things. I have to pray and remind myself to put all my trust in Him. It is very hard. But I try and try to not get depressed about it.
I am super happy though that I was prayed over by such a wonderful Priest. I am trying not to get my hopes up though right now. If the prayers work that would be awesome, but I also know that we don't always get everything that we pray for.

Well, now I'm being kicked off the computer! It's time for me and my mom's daily walk around the neighborhood. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 Things About me....

So I was tagged by Some how, Some way, Some day , I'm not sure if I have 10 things to say ... but I'll try! :)

1. I love love love to read. I love to read almost anything, give me a book and a cup of coffee, and I'm set for life! :) My favorite type of books are mystery, murder and love. A book with all three.. even better!

2. I'm not a big fan of Restaurants. I love to cook my own food. I can see a recipe on tv or if we eat out, I can always make a better version of it at home. I love cooking, I love to make lots of food and feed everyone till they are stuffed and then give them more food! I get very upset if someone doesn't eat the food that I make. I can't help it!

3. I was home-schooled most of my life. And I loved it! I was home schooled 1-3,8th and 11 & 12th grade,I went to Catholic school 4-7 and the public high school for 9-10. I hated school. I am very disorganized, and have ADD. Homeschooling was perfect for me and I learned so much more than at "regular" school. I never missed out on social events, and knew everyone at "regular" school before I even went!

4. I love spending time with my husband. Well.. maby you already know that! I could spend all day with him just hanging out doing nothing, and be completely happy. We make each other laugh all the time and can talk for hours. If we were stranded on a deserted island together, alone, I would never get tired of being with him. :)

5. I have road rage. Bad! I hate being behind slow people, and beep my horn if you get in my way! I yell alot in the car, and people are usually surprised to hear me say that. I am pretty calm around most people. I do have a fiery temper that flares up and then dies down pretty quick. Sometimes I have to make myself drive in the slow lane and not think about the people around me so I can stay calm. It's pretty bad. I speed alot and so far since I've started driving have only had one ticket! not bad! :)

6. I have 6 sisters, one brother and one step-brother. So far there is 23 grand kids, with one on the way, and one great grandchild. I love having a big family, lots of babies to cuddle on! :)

7. I really don't care about having a career. I know that sounds so bad, but I don't. I love being a wife, and hopefully someday a mother. My job is just a job. I don't like being stressed out at work, and I don't really want to be anything specific. I want to take care of my family, I want to make dinner and do the laundry and keep my house nice for my husband. I work because I have to, not because I want to.

8. I have a hard time saying no. I hate to hurt others feelings by saying no. When I tell someone no, I always feel like they are so disappointed in me and are upset that I can't help them. I've been working on it, but then if I do say no, I feel so guilty that I end up doing something else for the person that I really don't want to just so they feel better!

9. I am very clumsy. I have no real talents other than cooking. My handwriting is horrible, I'm messy, I can't sew or draw or make anything look nice except for food. I do an awesome presentation every time! Other than that, everything I touch looks messy. No matter how nice or neat I try to make something it always ends up looking like a 5 year old did it. Like wrapping presents, I think I do a good job, but then when I'm done and see the finished project, it looks terrible! lol.

10. I'm not a huge fan of sports. I like watching the UFC. I got way into that years ago and watch it all the time. I know the moves and what's going on. E and I watch every one, and the show on S.pike TV. I kinda like football but I don't get that into it. I played soccer twice a year for 8 years, and loved it. But I hate watching it, it's boring!

11. I love animals. They are so innocent and they need us to take care of them. I'm a sucker for sad eyes. I wish that animals could talk and let us know what it is that they need. I wish that our pets lived as long as we do. I hate losing a pet, I never get over it entirely. I always feel guilty that I didn't spend enough time with them. I really hope that my pets will be in heaven. Even though I know that they don't have souls, I don't think it says in the Bible anything about what happens to our pets when they die. So I'm hopeful! :)

Well, I guess I did have a few things to say! lol :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Baaack!!

We finally made it!! We left on Tuesday Sept 7th and got here on Friday Sept 10th.
It wasn't as bad a trip as I was worried about. Actually it was really nice! E and I took our time driving, stopped whenever we needed to. We saw some interesting things, and got to see the country! :) I'm really glad that I got to do this with E.
We started the trip with rain, and ended with rain! It rained almost the entire trip. Poor E was waiting all summer for rain, and it finally did the day we left! lol. But once we got to the Hoover Dam it stopped and was beautiful all the way till we got to OK. Sorry Sara, but OK was the worst part of the trip! As we were driving into OK from TX you could see a huge black cloud that didn't stop as far as you could see. One min it was sunny and literally as we drove into OK it started to rain! Then it poured down and as night time came it was foggy and really hard to see anything! That was scary for me, I hate driving in the fog, if it was just rain it would have been better, but we made it threw, and had to stop in Oklahoma City for the night because it was just to hard to drive in that! It was still raining in the morning, but not as bad, and rained the entire rest of the trip.
But the creepiest place to drive threw was definitely TX! All I could think of as we were driving threw was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre! I know that I shouldn't be scared of that, but it was a true story!!!
I kept thinking that we were going to get pulled over by some hillbilly cop who would kill us and eat us! It was very scary, there was nothing around for miles, and once in a while there was a old scary looking restaurant or house all by itself. Luckily we didn't have to stop in TX at all. We passed up this one little town, and I mean little! Like you could see it from beginning to end. There was one street, a few houses, a church, restaurant, motel, and gas station. There was no way I could imagine anyone actually wanting to stay there! They probably served people burgers at the restaurant! And as we were driving by there was a junk yard on the side of the freeway, full of all types of cars. There was a huge barn and a big building that I think might have been a silo or something like that, but it was old and had some windows broken out of the barn, and next to all the broken cars, there were semi trucks all beat up and broken. Now that didn't freak me out till I saw what looked like a new Fed Ex truck broken down in the junk yard. It was still white, but the back was all beat up. That is when my imagination just took off. I decided that the people in this town prey on people who's vehicles break down or maby go to the restaurant, and take them to the barn and that is where they kill em and eat em! AHHH!! IT was super scary driving threw that area. I was so glad when we finally made it to a city! lol.

We also saw alot of beautiful scenery. At one point as we were driving into a storm there was a HUGE rainbow that you could see from start to finish. It was the most brilliant beautiful rainbow I have ever seen in my life. You could make out every single color, like someone took markers and just drew them into the sky. It was hard to take your eyes off of it. E got a pic as he was driving, but it just didn't do it justice. And as I was looking at it, it turned out there was a double rainbow, the second one was fainter but still that was the most beautiful thing I've seen.

I'm really happy that we made the trip and got to see so much of God's beautiful country that He gave us. It really was an amazing trip. Once we saw the sign for Indiana, it was like YESSS!!! We made it! It still feels like we are on vacation though.
Oh, and thank you Prayer Buddy for all your prayers, E got a call while we were on the road for a job! He did the phone interview on Friday and has the in person interview on Wednesday! Were keeping our fingers crossed! :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last post .. (for now)

So the time has come for us to disconnect the internet and pack up our computer. The movers are coming tomorrow morning to pick up all our stuff, and we will be on the road Tuesday afternoon. All the paperwork for the house has been signed and we are offically out! I thank St. Joseph everyday that we were able to sell the house in this market. Its a miracle that the bank accepted the offer and we were able to get out of this house.
I havn't been commenting much but I sure have been reading the blogs every chance I get! You girls are so awesome and I am so glad that I have you all in my life! :)
We figure it will take 3-4 days to get to our final destination. We weren't able to find a transporter cheap enough for us to use, so we are going with our original plan to drive both vehicles. I'm not quite as nurvous as I was about it before, so I've been praying everyday that we just have a safe drive.

E and I were talking the other day about our move and I told him I'm a little concerned about all the people out there asking about why don't I have kids ect.. and he said to just tell them that his sperm chase their tails! We cracked up about that and I said I'll tell em that my eggs are scrambled and see what they say about that! lol :)
I'm super excited to be moving closer to my family, and I'm glad E is there with me. My family is ready for us to get there already.
Please keep us in your prayers for a safe trip and as soon as I get to my parents house I will be on this blog to catch up with you all! :)