Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A very Merry Christmas

So I want to thank all of you for your prayers and kind words.. I think that helped me a lot! After my cry fest, I prayed and prayed and just hoped that I could be happy. And I was. E is amazing, he always makes me laugh and makes me feel like everything will be ok for us.
On Christmas Eve my little sister and her 3 girls spent the night, it was so much fun! We watched Dispicable Me ( if you havn't seen it you must!) and the girls were so excited for Santa to come, so they made sure they were asleep asap! We put out reindeer food in the snow, and put out milk and cookies for Santa. Then they woke us all up early to open their presents. We were just super busy all day, my nephew came over after church and by 3 o'clock the entire family were here for dinner and gifts. There were 18 adults and 22 kids! It was a mad house like usual, but I love it, I love having everyone here to just hang out and enjoy each other. We had lots of wine flowing and tons of food. Christmas was awesome. E got me a Kindle and I love love love it! I love to read, and this was just the best gift ever. The books are about half the price you would pay for in the store, and i don't even have to go anywhere to get my books! :) So Christmas was great, I wasn't sad or upset about anything this year, and having my family surround me with love was just amazing.
SO I had my follow up meeting with the Crighton lady S, she said that my chart was perfect, and not at all like someone who has PCOS. I had 5 days of good mucus and no unusual anything! I could pinpoint a peak day and so far this cycle is looking the same! I don't really know what's going on with my body, but so far there is nothing that looks "wrong" at all. By the looks of my chart I am a normal fertile gal! So again I'm just waiting for the insurance so I can get all my hormones and what not checked. Because, I know I'm not a normal fertile woman. But it is interesting to view my charts.
I know I have to reveal my prayer buddy soon.. and I will... but this week is hectic, I'm surprised I found the time to write this.. Gabe is here this week and we are trying to keep busy with him, so I'll post as soon as I can!


St. Rita's Roses said...

Suzie-glad your Christmas was great and awesome about your "normal" chart! :)
I can relate to the "waiting" on finding out whats the deal?? God bless!

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

Oh I am so happy to read that your Christmas went so well. What happy thoughts! Man, I thought my family was big with 6 kids and spouses and 11 grandkids but yours is HUGE! I plan to add on to mine hopefully...as I know you do too!

Funny that you said that about your charts. Dr. Hilgers told me the same thing about mine. I didn't look like a PCOS patient. My chart was pretty normal (around CD 29-32) but I did ovulate a little later than normal...usually around day 17 -19. Now that I have had the wedge resection on my ovaries, I am interested to see how things change.

Anyway, I am praying that things keep working out for you. You deserve this so much:) Hugs:)