Monday, January 31, 2011

No internet

So this is just a quick post, we have moved succesfuly and I love love love, my new house! :) Pics will soon be up! But the problem is that we do not have internet yet at the house. not sure when we will be able to get it. I am at my parents house using the computer, and there just isn't enough time and private space for me to update on everything going on right now. But I am still alive and kickin! I will be going to my sisters by the end of the week to use her computer, when I know I will have some private time. I am trying to get caught up on all the blogs, so forgive me if I havn't been able to comment lately!
I'll be back! lol

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dr. appt. and weigh in

I'll start with the weigh in.. Another lb!! So 2 lbs in two weeks, not so bad I think :) The closing on our house is set for Wednesday (tomorrow) We already went furniture shopping and have almost everything we need except beds, and we need beds! lol But it's hard to find a bed we like, and at a good price.. So we may be sleeping on the couch for a while. ;)

That my friends is the only good news I have. I finally went to the Dr yesterday. He follows the Creighton and is a family practitioner, but has a special intrest in women with pcos and endometriosis. So I show up with my charts, and I have the initial lab results from when I was diagnosed with pcos. He checks out everything, and said that the lab results don't really show anything substantial, and doesn't describe the cysts or follicles in a way that would be helpful. ok. But I am looking at the lab results now and it says "Normal size Uterus. Endometrial strip is not thickened. Normal sized ovaries. Right ovary 3.5cm. Left ovary 3.2cm. All follicles within the ovaries, simple largest on the right appears to be approximately 12mm. " and other crap, but doesn't that say the sizes?? I don't understand that.

Then Dr M tells me that he is not convinced that I do have pcos. He says that I don't have unusual cycles, they are not extremely long, I don't ever miss any periods. He said I don't show any tell tale signs of pcos. Acne, unusual hair on my face, I'm not too overweight. That's where I stopped him, I had to tell him that I have hair on other parts that as a woman I shouldn't (tmi sorry!) I have had really bad acne as an adult that I had to take medication for, and now I can control the acne with my diet, and I suddenly gained allot of weight when I was 20. I explained my diet and excersize, and told him that I work really hard to not be too overweight. Dr. M looked a little shocked, then said that I may have some symptoms of pcos, but I also have a lot of symptoms of endo. OMG.. I do have painful periods, it does hurt during sex when I'm close to having my period, but no other time.
Dr M then tells me that I'm 28 and E and I need to make a plan on how long we plan on trying medical intervention, before we move on to other options.( Is he saying that I'm old?? ) He said that he wants to do a Hormone Testing. So I have to get my blood drawn every other day starting today untill I'm P+12. I am only on day 10. Yikes. He is checking my Progesterone, and Estradiol.

I am glad that this dr follows the Creighton Model, and that he is Catholic. I'm a little excited to find out about my hormones, but at the same time I'm freaked out. What is going on with my body? Do I have pcos? Do I have Endo? I have always thought I had pcos even before I was diagnosed. Years ago I saw an article in a magazine about pcos, and reading the symptoms I just knew that was what I had. So now do I have 2 major things wrong with me? Well I guess 3 because of my thyroid. I am getting that checked today also. But when I left the dr's office, I just wanted to cry. And I did. I had been so excited to finally get to a Dr who would treat my pcos and then something magical would happen and we would end up pregnant! I mean we just bought a house that is big enough to have a little family! I know I shouldn't of gotten excited when we bought the house, but I just couldn't help it. Both E and I said it's a perfect house for a family, with 3 bedrooms we can have 2 or 3 kids or maybe 4? I was getting my hopes up again, and getting excited. I could just feel that I was going to get pg soon! But now I feel like any hope that I had is gone. I am getting older and older, and we are just now getting started on finding out what is really wrong, and trying to treat my problems. How long am I supposed to try? How do I know when it's to late and have to give up? Ugh! Life sucks sometimes.. E said that I just have to follow my own advice that I give to him.. and that is to trust God. God has a plan for us and I have to trust that plan because it is what HE wants for us. But is it wrong that I'm not liking His plan right now?
I'm trying to trust. But it is really hard..

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Shoes.... !

By popular demand... I present to you my new Ree/bok Easytones! They look like regular shoes, so you can work out all day long, and no one even knows it! ( maybe I should get paid for endorsing this? lol)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some news.. and weigh in 2

Well, I'll start with my weigh in.. I lost 1lb! whoo whoo! I'll take it! I worked my butt off, but we did go out to eat twice last week, so even though I got "healthy" options, it still wasn't as good for me as a home cooked meal. Oh well, I am very proud of myself to be able to have lost something.. I just have to keep it up! I am surprised how many of us bloggers are the same height! lol I am also a shortie, 5ft 2 n 1/2 . Everything shows on me! I am not following the biggest lo.ser exactly. I am just using their weekly weigh in's to give myself a goal. And I get inspiration every time I watch it. I am doing my own workout routine. I have a yoga body burn dvd that I love to do, and I also have been clipping out the workout cards from magazines, and creating my own regimen. I make sure to work out for 30-40 min everyday. I know you hear that all you need is 30 min a day and u can lose weight! Not true for me!! I have to work out 40 min at least 3 days a week to make sure that I lose something! 30 min just keeps me at the same weight. I blame the pcos! My diet is getting better. I always have to work on that. I am a healthy eater, I just eat to much. Although, and I think I have said this before, that going gluten free has really helped my cravings, and has made it easier to eat less and better! I havn't had any cravings for chocolate or sweets, and the only thing I have craved is a subway sandwich. I just love the banana peppers on a sandwich! I have yet to find any gf bread that I like. I probably have to bake my own, because I have a mix that I have used for pizza dough and it was really good. But that's all I'm doing, I know it's not normal, or healthy to be losing that much weight as they do on the show in a week! really, 40lbs in one week is insane! Also, most of that is probably water weight anyway.
Now, on to my new shoes, I love love love them! I tell ya they really work! They are not the most comfortable shoes in the world, you can feel the balls on the bottom of your feet, but my legs are killing me! And it's not just the workouts. I wear them all day long and at the end of the day my legs and butt feel like I have done a killer workout, even if I only did a upper body workout. E says he can already see my legs toning up. I think these shoes are the best invention ever!! Really, you should all invest in them, wear them everywhere, and your legs will be awesome. I may still have my chubby belly, but my a$$ will look great! lol

So that was that. Sunday was CD1 ugh! I knew it was coming. I always do. But there is something different with my cycle, or maybe I am just now noticing it with the Creighton, but my past 2 cycles were exactly the same! I "ovulated" the same time as last cycle, I started my period on the same day, my cm was the same length. But yet I am not pg. WTH!! Well, I am calling the new doc tomorrow to make an appt. I hope I can get in soon. The weather is pretty bad, we just got snow dumped on us, about 4 inches, and we are going to get more throughout the week and weekend. I only have a front wheel drive car.. Well.. you didn't need anything else living in the dessert!! lol. My car is so not a mid-west vehicle. It slipps in the rain! We will have to trade it in at some point..

Are you ready for this!? I have some very exciting news... E and I are moving out of my parents house!!! woot woot! My grandma bought us a house. It is the cutest, most charming little house! I had seen it online, ( I just love looking online at houses, I can't help it!) It was so cute and really cheap. I showed my mom, and she said to call to find out what was wrong with it. So I did, and there was nothing wrong! In fact the previous owner had the entire house remodeled. It was owned by this older woman who had lived there since the house was built in the 70's. She had moved out a year ago to a condo nearby b/c she couldn't walk up and down the stairs anymore. So the house had never been updated, and when she put it up for sale, she didn't get any bites. Then she remodeled the entire house, and re-listed it, but it was priced to high. And with the market being as it is.. well, no one put in any offers. The owner just needed to get rid of the house, as she was still paying the property taxes on it. So last week as I was browsing threw the internet I came accross this house, that I had seen before, but at a higher price. There was a new listing agent and a new price. i couldn't believe it! So my mom, sister, and I went to go look at the house and just fell in love. It is is the cutest neighborhood. My sister actually lives 2 streets away, and it has it's own police force, a pool and a lake with a beach, it's own bar and grille, soccer fields, tennis courts, walking trails... We could only hope to find a house in this area! My mom said she might be able to sign for us, but to have my husband and step dad look at it. Well, I brought E that same night that we looked at the house, and he loved it. My step dad was weary about signing for us, they already helped out one of my other sisters. So on Sunday my mom said to bring Grandma to see the house and maybe she could help also. Well, my Grandma and step dad loved the house also, and Grandma said I'll buy it for you! OMG!! We have to pay her back, so instead of paying a mortgage we will pay grandma a monthly fee. And in a few years when we are able to get a loan ( stupid short sale! ) we will buy the house back from her. I have the bestest Grandma! So today we have the inspection, and we are supposed to close on the 20th. It's a 3 bed 2 bath house, sits on 1/2 acre of woods! Perfect for Gabe. It has a finished basement and a laundry room! Hey the little things are important! Our last house was twice as much as this with 2 beds and 1 bath, no basement, and less land. Our laundry room was in the garage! So Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us, (prayer buddy! ;) and to St. Joseph who is always looking out for us. :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The first weigh in...

So the Bigg.est lo.ser started last night, and wow, I think this will be a good season. I think I need to put it out there my weight weekly to keep myself accountable for my actions, and my food intake.
The first weigh in yesterday I was at 148.0 lbs. Kinda upsetting that I weigh so much, but I am ready to get it gone!!!

Good news ( not weight related) we got our dental insurance cards, so that means that we should be getting our other insurance cards soon! YAY! now I can get myself to the doc, get my thyroid checked again.. My last doc gave me a very long prescription to tide me over till I was able to get a doc out here, and I really shouldn't be going this long without it being checked. And now I can also get my hormones and other stuff checked for my IF. Whoo whoo! :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all had a good New Years eve. We went to one of my sisters houses and played cards while all the kids played in the basement and had their own card games going on. Not super exciting, but fun enough and it was nice to just be able to hang out and relax!
So I have a hard time every year to figure out what my resolutions for the new year should be. Last year was the first year I really made one, I tried to spend more time with friends.. and I did better than I used to but it was kindof a half a$$ed resolution.. lol.
So this year I have a plan, and I have things that I really want to accomplish this year. So here they are:

1. (everyone will have this I'm sure ;) ) Lose weight. my goal is at least 10lbs. The new season of the Big.gest loser starts this week and I thought what better time than to start working out again and trying to get healthier. I want to see how much I can lose with the show each week.

2. Find a job and move out of my parents house!! This is a big one, I really need to get us out of here in the next few months, I love my family, but they are driving me nuts!

3. Continue to spend time with my family and friends. I love visiting my sisters and their kids ( I am the favorite Aunt by the way )and the past few months I have gotten together with friends from Highschool, and another girl I have known since we were in kindergarten, and it has been great. At least once a month getting together with friends is a good goal I think.

4. Go to confession more often, and pray the rosary weekly. For some reason getting to confession always seems like such a chore, but I know that I need to go and it will really help my spiritual life. Our country, and the world, needs lots of prayers and the rosary is such a powerful prayer to pray for the world peace.

5. And the last one.. To get to the dr's and get my thyroid fixed, and get my pcos treated, and if a pregnancy happens because of that, all the better!

I think that is enough goals to last me all year, anymore and I'll never stick to any of them! So now I'm off to workout using my new Reebok Re-tones! Love them! At least my legs will look good by the end of the year ;)