Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dr. appt. and weigh in

I'll start with the weigh in.. Another lb!! So 2 lbs in two weeks, not so bad I think :) The closing on our house is set for Wednesday (tomorrow) We already went furniture shopping and have almost everything we need except beds, and we need beds! lol But it's hard to find a bed we like, and at a good price.. So we may be sleeping on the couch for a while. ;)

That my friends is the only good news I have. I finally went to the Dr yesterday. He follows the Creighton and is a family practitioner, but has a special intrest in women with pcos and endometriosis. So I show up with my charts, and I have the initial lab results from when I was diagnosed with pcos. He checks out everything, and said that the lab results don't really show anything substantial, and doesn't describe the cysts or follicles in a way that would be helpful. ok. But I am looking at the lab results now and it says "Normal size Uterus. Endometrial strip is not thickened. Normal sized ovaries. Right ovary 3.5cm. Left ovary 3.2cm. All follicles within the ovaries, simple largest on the right appears to be approximately 12mm. " and other crap, but doesn't that say the sizes?? I don't understand that.

Then Dr M tells me that he is not convinced that I do have pcos. He says that I don't have unusual cycles, they are not extremely long, I don't ever miss any periods. He said I don't show any tell tale signs of pcos. Acne, unusual hair on my face, I'm not too overweight. That's where I stopped him, I had to tell him that I have hair on other parts that as a woman I shouldn't (tmi sorry!) I have had really bad acne as an adult that I had to take medication for, and now I can control the acne with my diet, and I suddenly gained allot of weight when I was 20. I explained my diet and excersize, and told him that I work really hard to not be too overweight. Dr. M looked a little shocked, then said that I may have some symptoms of pcos, but I also have a lot of symptoms of endo. OMG.. I do have painful periods, it does hurt during sex when I'm close to having my period, but no other time.
Dr M then tells me that I'm 28 and E and I need to make a plan on how long we plan on trying medical intervention, before we move on to other options.( Is he saying that I'm old?? ) He said that he wants to do a Hormone Testing. So I have to get my blood drawn every other day starting today untill I'm P+12. I am only on day 10. Yikes. He is checking my Progesterone, and Estradiol.

I am glad that this dr follows the Creighton Model, and that he is Catholic. I'm a little excited to find out about my hormones, but at the same time I'm freaked out. What is going on with my body? Do I have pcos? Do I have Endo? I have always thought I had pcos even before I was diagnosed. Years ago I saw an article in a magazine about pcos, and reading the symptoms I just knew that was what I had. So now do I have 2 major things wrong with me? Well I guess 3 because of my thyroid. I am getting that checked today also. But when I left the dr's office, I just wanted to cry. And I did. I had been so excited to finally get to a Dr who would treat my pcos and then something magical would happen and we would end up pregnant! I mean we just bought a house that is big enough to have a little family! I know I shouldn't of gotten excited when we bought the house, but I just couldn't help it. Both E and I said it's a perfect house for a family, with 3 bedrooms we can have 2 or 3 kids or maybe 4? I was getting my hopes up again, and getting excited. I could just feel that I was going to get pg soon! But now I feel like any hope that I had is gone. I am getting older and older, and we are just now getting started on finding out what is really wrong, and trying to treat my problems. How long am I supposed to try? How do I know when it's to late and have to give up? Ugh! Life sucks sometimes.. E said that I just have to follow my own advice that I give to him.. and that is to trust God. God has a plan for us and I have to trust that plan because it is what HE wants for us. But is it wrong that I'm not liking His plan right now?
I'm trying to trust. But it is really hard..


Julie said...

SO sorry you are going through this, but this might be the cross you need to carry for awhile, as God works to heal you of ALL your illnesses!

Praying for you!

JellyBelly said...

IF is the toughest thing I have ever dealt with. I'm praying for you!!!

St. Rita's Roses said...

First of all, CONGRATS on the weight loss! Good work! Second of all, this is so exciting about your house! Double congrats!! I wish you all the best!

Ok, now to the IF- You never had a hormone studies before? meaning this is your first time with this sort of bloodwork? I have only been involved with all these tests for 8 months, but having friends that have been doing NAPRO since 2007 and me being a nurse....this will show alot!!

I am so sorry you are feeling this way, I can not even imagine all the pain and all the "waiting"...Definitely, God has a plan~ I do not know about you being "old"...I mean, your 28 y/o..right? Come on doctor!! I mean I am 10 years older than you- thats OLD! :)

I am praying for you today.

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

Are we twins? ha. I have PCOS and Endo and stupid thyroid issues too. I'm so sorry that you are sad. This is such a hard cross to carry. I'm with you on that. I wish we could hug each other.

I want you to know that I was not a candidate at all for PCOS. My charts didn't really show it. I have my mom's body so I am very petite (5'4, 125). I have no acne issues. Etc....but I did have PCOS. So, it's not always what you think...just like you are saying.

I can't remember...have you ever had a lap before???

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

thanks for the prayers! St. Rita's Roses, no I've never had a hormone study before, so this is all new to me! Awaiting, I knew I wasn't the only one out there with not so telltale symptoms! I have not ever had a lap before. My doc said he wants to wait on that for at least 6 months. He wants to see how this hormone study does, and then we will go from there with treatments. If that doesn't work then we should think about getting the lap done.

WheelbarrowRider said...

Okay, 28 is freaking young, you have ten plus years to fiure things out if you need them/want to! Does he mean the u/s doesn't follow a follicle, just a one time shot? Dr. H likes a series. Just guessing, I know I don't have all the info. Also, ahem, I have no symptoms of PCOS but guess what-Dr. H saw my ovaries and they have cysts all over them. I am asymptomatic. Never miss periods etc etc. So it can be the case. Also, I have endo. And I was told I didn't b/c I didn't have pain during sex. Never mind I wasn't having sex. But when I was, I didn't. Until one day I did. And then I ran my butt to that doc who did my first lap (of many). Docs and their little boxes, I swear! congrats on the new furniture and the weight loss!

More Than Anything said...

I have PCOS and get regular periods too. Every 28-30 days. I do have a little facial hair, but no acne. I'm not sure about my ovaries, other than I don't ovulate! I am overweight and trying to lose weight. I got the lap-band and the weight is still SLOW at coming off.

I also have thyroid issues. I'm beginning to think I have endo as well, but trying not to dwell on it.

I hope the doctor gets you fixed up soon and you get a new baby for your new home!!!

Ann - Building a Nest said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome!

The hormone tests will hopefully give you a lot more information. As mentioned, PCOS is tricky. It's a group of symptoms (of which there are many) with an underlying cause that is usually insulin resistance. So, 2 PCOSers don't always look alike. Every doc that meets me tells me immediately that I don't "look" PCOS - normal BMI, no hair growth/acne, etc. Then they see my blood work and declare me to be a horrible case. (I also don't ovulate which, of course, is a a big tell tell sign). You're well on your way and, no doubt, will have answers soon. Wishing you the best!

the misfit said...

I hope, for your sake, that you don't have endometriosis, but it really does sound like you have PCOS. I know what you mean about being intimidated by the diagnosis, for sure - the prospect of embarking on all that treatment is like looking straight up a mountain directly in front of you. But the nice thing is, you can make so much headway in the first year - get so many things improved about your health that you didn't even know could be improved! At least, if you're aggressive about getting treatment - not lazy and avoidant, like me :).

I'll pray for your doctor to find all of the right things as quickly as possible and choose all the right avenues of treatment to get you on the straight and narrow right away!