Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weight loss update

My status is not good! I am the worst at losing weight.. When we moved I was so busy with everything, that my workouts took a back seat to my life. So I went about 2 weeks working out maybe twice a week, and I havn't lost anything since! But the girls in my Familia class decided that we all need to lose some weight and found this free site called . This is the best website I have found! It's great if you have other people losing with you, b/c you can see what your friends are eating, and how much they workout. You can't see their weight (thank goodness!) but it really makes you responsible for what your eating! I have a tendency to cheat, and sneak snacks. I think if no one can see me eat it, then it didn't happen.. I know, I'm like a little kid with that lol. If anyone wants to join me in losing, just let me know your email, and I can friend you! It's great also b/c you can write encouraging words to eachother, and keep eachother motivated, wich is a big issue for me, to stay motivated. I just started this week, and I'm excited to see how much I can lose.

On the IF front, not much going on.. I am 3 days into my regimine with the pills, so far no side effects or any problems. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but at the same time trying to not get too hopeful.
Did anyone see the Today show today? They had a segment on IF and said that a support group gives IF women a 50% more chance of concieving, than those women who do not have a support group. So... I believe these blogs are a support group, so we should all be getting pg at some point right? Keep the support going girls! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I've joined the pill popping club

Well, I've had my doctors appointment and the news is so,so. After all the blood drawing (which left me black and blue) we finally got all the results in. My Progesterone is very low, and my Estrogen levels are within the normal range, but on the low end. According to my bloodwork and charts I did ovulate, just the day after my charts show that I did. So, to help with this "hormone" problem, my doc put me on 3 medications. Starting P+3-12 I am to take Prometrium 200mg, and Estradiol 1mg. Then only after a negative pregnancy test I am to take 8 (no that is not a typo) Femera 2.5mg tablet, on day 2 of my cycle. I'm currently on day 10. Yikes! The day of the appointment I was very upset, I'm not sure why, but all I could think was that I'll be taking pills forever and taking a pg test for no reason every month. Of course my doc isn't very sensitive and he again tells me that after 6 months if I'm not pg then surgery should be my next step. He is still convinced that I have endo. Any of you endo girls out there know if there is any way to be diagnosed with it instead of having surgery? It just seems like he might be jumping the gun here, but of course I'm not a doctor, and I do have some sypmtoms...
Also, I am to get a hsg? test to make sure my tubes aren't blocked, and he wants E to take a test to check his spermies.. I think we are going to wait on that for another month or so. Our insurance is not very good, and I don't think that they cover those kind of procedures.
I'm not very into this doc of mine, but I only went to him b/c I know that he follows the Churches teachings and he uses the Crighton charts as well. If I don't get pg by the end of this "pill popping" phase, I am definatley going to find a new doctor. He just doesn't seem like he is really there for you, it's like he is all buisness. He tries to make jokes, but he is very dry and just comes accross as a little wierd. I think I might have just been spoiled b/c my last doc was wonderful! She was the one who found the pcos and everytime I left her office I just wanted to hug her and thank her for being so helpful. But we'll see what happens here.

My Familia class is going well. The last class we had was hard for me. There is so much in the book and in the Catechism that says that the love between a husband and wife brings about the fruit of a child, or some crap like that. It's not all that it says but the fact that those words are even in there, just get under my skin and makes it really hard for me at some of our meetings. The last one we had was last week and one of the girls is pg we'll call her J(she is married to my cousin B, and his sister A is the one who is running this class) We had a baby shower for J, A didn't want to have it b/c J is going crazy about her pregnancy, but we all brought gifts and had cake and snacks.. it was nice. But J is tactless. She just says the most irreverant things and her own sister in law A can't have children! A has an adoptive son, but there is no way that they can have children naturally. And J was just out of controll about her pregnancy at the meeting. Afterwards A asked me how I was able to keep it together and how am I able to keep coming to these meetings? Some of the teachings have been really hard. A said that when she was in my spot, there was no way she could have come to these meetings. Even now she said that if I weren't there, it would be way harder for her also. I don't know... I love getting together with these women (none of them are disrespectful or say things that would upset me except J) I think that some of the teachings have helped me with Gabe and E. And also my little sister L goes to the classes with me, and if I weren't going, she would't be there. And she needs to go. So I am doing this for her, and even though there are some rough times for me, I am going to be a better wife to E and mother to G. Even if I am only a part time mom, I am trying to make the most of it.

Sometimes I feel like, how in the world could E have had a baby with a woman whom he hates and wasn't even in love with, and here I am his wife and our love isn't great enough to bring a baby into this world together. I know that is crazy talk, but I can't help that it is still going threw my mind occasionally. Oh well, it isn't my decision to have a baby or not, it is God's. I just pray that this regimine that I'm now on will work.

I want to leave you with a quote that was in my Familia book, it is when the angel Gabriel is telling Mary that she will concieve a son, and she asks how can this be
" The holy Spirit will come upon you"- your motherhood will not be the consequence of matrimonial "knowledge" but will be the work of the Holy Spirit."
This just really spoke to me being a step-mother and facing the possibility of never having my own children. And also anyone who has adopted or is trying to adopt,I think this just summs it all up!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Home Pictures!

Ok, so I don't have a lot of pics b/c they were all on my old phone, and then I though I sent them all to my email, but some of them didn't get threw, and then I deleted them.. soooooo... this is all I got, but enjoy anyway! :)

The dinette area.. overlooking a new deck and the woods, to the left is the kitchen, behind is the Living room.

This is the ceiling, there are beams on the cathedral ceilings, and this is the opening to the kitchen area.

This is the first fireplace in the Living room, (before we got candles and decorations on it) We have a similar one in the basement. Both are wood burning.

this is one half of the "Ladies" seating area.. lol that is my swanky chair and awesome light that came with the house..

The other half of my "ladies" seating area, and the large windows that sold us on the house.. There are these big windows all the way into the hall in the front of the house, that is just to the left side of the photo..

This is sideways, sorry! I can't fix it.. This is the hallway going to the upstairs, and to the left is the kitchen and the downstairs.. To the right is the big windows, (this one was taken at night)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

new phone

Alright so i hope this posts.. we got new phones and a new network provider. Our other network did not get any service at our new house at all. So not only have i not had internet but no phones either! We got a garmin fone which also has internet service!! yay! its not great service and we didnt pay for the unlimited package but hey even a little bit of technology is better than none. :) i am so loving my new house... we r on a culdasac nestled in the woods. Behind us is a greenspace so that means they can never build behind us. We have lots of deer and birds and cute little forest animals! Except for the rous's! the other morning i looked out my window and saw this huge rat like creature i couldnt believe my eyes! then it turned its head and when i saw its face i knew what it was.. an opossum. Man thoes things are ugly! i havnt seen it since but im on the lookout so i can get a picture. I tried to post pics of the house yesterday but my sisters computer wasnt coopsrating. So i will just have to wait till i can get over to my moms. And with this weather who knows when that will be! seriously i am sick of the snow already. I know some of you have it way worse than i do . I think the groundhog needs to retire because there is no way we have an early spring. Anyway im finally done with the blood letting.. my arms are bruised so bad i look like a junky! i have a follow up appointment on monday and im sure my horemones are outa whack so ill probably be put on some kind of meds. But ill keep u posged.