Wednesday, April 13, 2011

God's plan

I am super excited as I write this post. (no not preggo so get that out of your heads silly girls! ;))

For about 2 months now I have been seriously thinking about starting an infertility support group. I have been hesitant about it because I am currently taking hormones to help me get pregnant, and I've been worried that if I get pregnant, than what would be the point of starting this group? But of course I haven't gotten pregnant, and as the months pass, I started thinking that I just have to do it. If I don't start it now, will it ever get done? How many people are out there struggling who have no idea what to do or where to go? I'm not an expert, but I think I have some knowledge that can be beneficial to other women.

One of the things I want to do is to bring the Truth of the Catholic Faith, and what She teaches about what is and isn't allowed for us to use as a means to get pregnant. There are so many Catholics who have no idea what the Church teaches or even why. I think that it's important for all Catholics to know the truth.

I also want to be a source of hope for other women. We need each other. We need to know there are others who are going threw the same emotions and frustrations. We need a shoulder and I want to be that for others. We need God in our lives and we need to call on Him during these tough times in our lives.

*******So on Sunday during Mass our priest told us that he was called to leave our parish and will be leaving at the end of June. This is horrible news. We LOVE our priest Father Tom. He is amazing. SO my first thought was that I wouldn't be able to start this IF group and I don't know how our new priest will be and how can I bring this up? Then after Mass I saw a girl A who I used to work with years and years ago. We started chatting, and for some crazy reason I told her about what I wanted to do.
She was so excited about it! She had recently been married and was having some troubles, and also her sister in law had just gone threw 2 failed I.V.F attempts. They are Catholic, but not always practicing. A's brother decided that he was mad at God about their IF and doesn't want to pray anymore. A told me that I need to tell Father Tom about this right away, and get this group started before he leaves.

I couldn't believe it! I hadn't told anyone except E that I wanted to do this before. I can only guess it was the Holy Spirit moving in me that made me talk to A about this. I've been on fire ever since!

SO today I had a meeting with Father Tom, and he is so very excited about me starting a support group! He said that both of his sisters have struggled with IF and he knows how hard it is for allot of women. He went on to tell me that it's so important to let Catholics know what the Church teaches and why. He really wants to get this started as soon as possible. We are setting up an appointment for next week to figure out all the details. :) I am so unbelievably excited right now.

There is so much more about this conversation with Father that I have to tell you, but it's really for another post.

Please pray that I can get this going, and really be there to help these other women in my area who need the support and Truth.


Katie @ Persevere in Prayer said...

YAY!!! Good for you for getting one started! I had always considered it but never actually got my butt in gear to do it myself. Kudos to you for speaking with your friend and your priest about infertility awareness and support!

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

This type of teaching is SOOOOO important! God is calling courageous, faithful people like you to tell the truth! You know, it's like being a prophet. Prophets speak God's truth in the world. You are a modern day prophet! I will pray for you! You go, girl!!!

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...


This is the type of story that could happen when you do that kind of work, by the way!! God works in mysterious ways.

Stacy said...

Oh my gosh Suzie, I'm so happy for you. The Holy Spirit was definitely working through you to get this done. Just goes to show that the Lord speaks loud and clear when he wants you to do something. How Ironic it will be for you if you end up preggers just as you start this program. However, even if you do, you have still lived through the frustrations and still have something to teach those going through IF problems. God Bless!!!!

A Martha trying to be Mary said...

wow! you are such an inspiration. I will pray that this goes well. this is absolutely needed!

WheelbarrowRider said...

Wonderful! I am so proud of you to be acting on this call that is clearly nudging from the Holy Spirit!

Nicole C said... have to do it!! I've actually been thinking about approaching our diocesan pro-life director to have a diocesan support group. You just never know who's out there struggling with the same thing!

Jen said...

What a good idea, and how needed this is! So many families will benefit from it. Be blessed!

My Heart Exults... said...

This is wonderful! I tried to start a support group at our parish and NO ONE came, which only fed into my thoughts that we were the only couple in our town that was suffering from this. Given the stats, I knew that was not true. My priest told me, "you are thinking small (meaning our parish only) when this is going to start out the way God wants it: Big." He was right because last month I was asked to run a diocesian support group which will start next month! How awesome is that?! Praying you get a much better turnout than I did the first time around :)

C. said...

How wonderful, Suzie! What a blessing to your area!!

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...