Friday, March 16, 2012

What's In A Name?

So here I am almost 36 weeks now, I'm tired, I can't breath, I can't sleep for having to pee all night long, and I'm ready to see this baby of mine!
E is on his way home first thing tomorrow morning, I can't wait to just have him back home already!

We have a name picked out for our litle girl. It's a special name for us, and I think that it's an interesting story of how we came accross it. Other people might not think it's so exciting, but I do! lol
Here goes: I have heard this name before, but never really put much thought into it. It was pretty, but I was just positive that I would always name my daughter Gianna. Of course, after St. Gianna, what IFer wouldn't use that name? duh!
But one night I had a dream. It was so vivid and this name just kept being repeated over and over in my head. I told E about the name and he thought it was a great name. I said that I think that's going to be her name. The next day I spoke to my mother and told her what name I had picked out, and that E loved it too.
My mom told me then that there was a saint with that name and my niece (who is also my goddaughter) had just done a book report on her! WHAT!? I had never heard of a saint with that name, and I know a lot of saints! In fact I'm surprised how many people don't know very many saints. So this took me by surprise for sure. So I looked up this amazing saint. And what I found was just another reason that this name was special to us!

St Gemma Galgani ( The name we are using is Gemma Rose.
As I read up on St Gemma, I found that she had at one time been very sick and almost died, but had done a novena to St Gabriel, and she was healed! OMG seriously, how freaky! We have a Gabe! That just sent chills down my spine. I loved the fact that she also had the stigmata, and was a very beautiful Italian girll. And of course we are also Italian!
I had E look her up and he was amazed at what he read also. The name just fit perfectly and all that happend with the dream and the information on her, was a sign for sure. My sister said that she believes God has a perfect name for all of us, and when God lets us in on what that name is we better listen! God wants that name for our baby, and that's what we are going to give her!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Me and Baby Pics


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting Caught Up

I'm a terrible blogger, I know it! Life just gets going and I don't feel like thinking sometimes, so I just get on fb and zone out! A lot has been happening so I'll give ya the run down.

1. E got a new job! YAY! It is a better paying job with great benefits. Downside to all that is that the hours aren't great, and he's been away for 4&1/2 weeks now for training. He had to go out of state for schooling for the new job, and it's a total of 6 weeks. The first few weeks were horrible for me. I cried every time we talked on the phone.(which thank goodness we were able to do every day) I can't wait for him to get back home.

2. E surprised me with a visit this past weekend! It was during the Friday tornado's that were so bad. That day I was at work, and I got really dizzy and weak feeling, so I was sent home. But I wasn't allowed to drive so my step-dad had to come pick me up. We knew there was a possibility of a tornado that day so I was actually relieved to not be at work during the storms. So I left my car at work,secretly hoping that my car would be ripped apart so we could then buy a new one! Is that bad that I thought that? Anyway I went to my parents house had lunch and took a nap, feeling much better a few hours later. I had called my Dr who said it sounded like I was dehydrated. Meanwhile, the weather was getting worse and worse. My sister had picked up her kids from school and b/c her husband was out of town for work that weekend, and she doesn't have a basement, she raced over to our parents house. At the same time, my brother who was in Indy for school had just been ahead of the storms got to the house. So there we all were watching the news just waiting for them to tell us to take cover. Then I get a text from E asking how things were going with the weather. I called him and told him what was going on, and that I was at my parents house. He then asked when I thought I would get back to our house. I said I hadn't planned on going back b/c I didn't have my car, and I was just going to stay there till the morning. He then told me that I needed to get home b/c he was there!! OMG I started crying and crying. I told him to get his butt over to my parents house asap! He couldn't b/c he didn't drive home, he rode with another guy who he was in school with who lived near us and left his truck at the hotel where he is staying. So I told everyone what was going on, and my step-dad said he would drive me home. The weather was getting really bad and as we were driving the sirens went off and I wasn't sure we were going to make it! Now I live about 10min from my parents and by the time we got to my house, the sirens were done and it stopped raining. So I ran into the house and where E was waiting for me! I have never been so glad to see him! :)
We went to the basement and watched the news, and then the sun came out. We just missed the storms, they went above us and right below us. It was a crazy day! But I was so happy that E made it home for the weekend. I needed that so bad. :)

3. The baby is doing great! She is now @ 5lbs and all her vitals look great, she is moving around all the time and the Dr is very pleased. :) Baby loves to push her butt up into my ribs and stretch my skin as far as it will go! It's getting harder to sleep at night, my belly is getting so big, and I have to pee all the time. Sometimes the baby has the hiccups and that keeps me up all night till she's done. I can't fit into my regular shoes anymore, so I had to go buy some slip on shoes that are a little big so they are not constricting my swelling feet.

4. I am swelling up all in my feet and legs! It's horrible. I hate it. It's worse on the day's that I work. I asked my Dr about taking off of work, but he said b/c I don't have high blood pressure, that he can't say that I have a medical reason for not working. Ugh! I just don't want to be at work anymore right now. I have lots to do around the house, and I hate that my legs hurt so bad when I get home. It sometimes makes me cry to see my legs and feet so huge, they look like elephant feet! I don't know if I'll make it much longer at work.

5. I'm 34 weeks!

6 I've got more belly photo's to share next time!