Monday, September 24, 2012

New life

We have had a busy week around here. We just welcomed two new babies to our ever growing family. My older sister D had a boy "Liam Blaise" on Wed and on Friday my little sister L welcomed her first boy (they have 3 girls) "Jackson Christopher".  They are the cutest little boys ever!!! I am just so excited!! This makes a total of 27 nieces and nephews! These kids are so lucky to have such a big family. We only had 2 first cousins growing up, and we really don't know them that well. I was always a little jealous of my other cousins who had a lot of first cousins because of how close they all were. Again this is just another reason why I am so glad we moved back to my hometown. Gemma will have lots of cousins to play with :) life is so good, praise God for the gift of life:)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Perfect Saturday Morning

This is what makes the weekends special, my morning cup of Yohan! If you havn't seen the commercial, you have to look it up! I might post it when I have more time.... :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Gemma Stuff

1. Gemma is a hoot! She giggles all the time, and especially when you play peek a boo! Her laugh is contagious! Once she starts laughing, I laugh, and that makes her laugh even more, which makes me laugh more! So yeah, we have a lot of fun some times! :)

2. She can roll, kinda. Gemma can roll from her belly to her back, and only on her right side. Almost always as soon as we put her down for "tummy time" she flips her right arm back and under her  belly and flips over! She always looks a little scared at first, then smiles real big. One time we found her on her left side up against her crib snoring away! It was adorable, and I cried b/c she went the other way!

3. Gemma doesn't always take naps. That drives me crazy! mostly because it makes her cranky. I nurse her, and rock her to sleep, and as soon as I stand up to put her in her crib, she wakes up and smiles at me. Well, of course then I can't be mad that she won't nap, but 5 min later she is crying and fussing! Some days it's a never ending cycle...

4. She puts her arms up when she wants me to pick her up. :) This one makes me melt! E has been working with her for a few months, when he goes to pick her up he will hold out his hands and tell her to give him hers. So just the past few days, when she is ready to be picked up she will hold out her arms and look at you like "come on people, pick me up!" And of course we do! And today while E was holding her, she looked at me and reached out to grab me! :) I love that girl :)

5. I may be spoiling her! And you know what? I don't care. Of course, I will dicipline her when the time is right, but I hold and kiss her all the time!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Where We Sit

When we are at Mass, we always sit in the same pew. Every Sunday. Our seats are not as pretty as those in the picture, but are much more comfortable! I may have mentioned before about our Church, it was made out of a pole barn that was donated from a family in our community. They donated several acres of land, on which sits our Church, Rectory, Resource Center, and Community Center. We have trails, and a lake to fish, and a campground. So as you may be able to tell, its a country church! :) Our seats are comfy plush chairs, each pew has several chairs linked together and a kneeler on the back of the chairs.
     For some reason, it is always important that we sit in the same pew each week, and it is very upsetting if someone sits in our spot! Sometimes Mass will be packed and if we don't get there early enough we lose our seats. Usually one of my family members will get there early and save the row for us all. Luckily we are women who have purses, and diaper bags to spread around the seats!
   This is the best part, our whole family (that attends this particular church) can fit into the entire row. Most people know us and know that is where we sit. The ushers know who we are and call us "The Family" like were the Mob or something. lol.  In our row sits my parents, my step-brother and his son, my sister and her husband and there 3 almost 4 kids, me and E and Gabe and Gemma. Sometimes when they are not in school, my little brother and sister too.
  As our family grows, though, we will no longer all be able to sit in the same row together, the babies are getting bigger and when they can't sit on laps anymore, will need a seat of their own. It's very sad for me. Especially since I lived away for 7 years, I've missed so much of my family growing up. I love that I have this opportunity now to claim our own row in church, to pray together with my family, to be a role model for my nieces and nephews, to just be together as a family. It's amazing.
  And so what if we save an entire row of seats every Sunday? My family is big, and we have lots of love. We may not always be able to see each other during the week, but Sunday is it. We claim our row at Mass. I will be sad when we have to split up, but for now we are "The Family" that sits and prays together, and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not complaining

Sorry about that last post. Sometimes you just need to vent ya know? Prayers would be appreciated for my family, just so we can learn to deal with this person who for some reason likes to start trouble where there is none.
  I thought about getting rid of fb, but I have a few support groups that I'm on for Gemmas IA. And I have a lot of family and friends who live far away, and unfortunately this is the main way we communicate. Sometimes I wonder how we ever lived without fb! Or cell phones. I'm on mine right now. It's amazing how dependent we are on electronics. Sometimes I wish we could just get rid of it all, but then I remember that I have no sense of direction and of course I need gps!! :) but who knows, if the Myans are right fb won't really matter now will it? ;)