Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Top Ten

Well, we have been having a little bit of a rough time around here recently. Poor miss Gemma has an ear infection, her first one ever!! And along with it, a cold and two more teeth coming in. That will be 8 teeth!~ This girl is getting them all out one after another. We just need a break!  So after 3 nights of no sleep and days of crying we are finally feeling better and getting some much needed rest.
    So I decided to make a top ten list of things that Gemma and I have done today, just so I have a record that I'm not in my pj's and Pinterest all day! well, maybe my pj's ;)
1. Gemma learned a word! All day she has been saying BUP, BUP!  Can my smile get any bigger right now!? lol She said it and I just started whoo whooing and clapping my hands like she is the smartest baby to have ever lived! :) It means up, butterfly, i want that, and pretty much everything right now. :)

2. I worked out! finally did my 20 min workout while Gemma was asleep
3. I showered! yay!
4. Washed all the pots and pans, and ran the dishwasher
5. Washed, sorted, and stuffed all the diapers. Yes we cloth diaper, and I love it!
6. Read 4 books to Gemma today.. She loves being read to. She will sit in my lap and pat the pictures as I read.
7. Gemma rocked on her rocking butterfly, and she patted the buttons to make it sing! She can't push down on it yet, but she showed me what she wanted! Amazing :)
8. I dusted the basement.. Well, just the tv stand. but hey, I still dusted something!

9. Gemma got to play with her food today. I gave her some oatmeal on her tray and just let her go wild with it! She loved trying to smear it around and then tried to eat it off her fingers.
10. Laughed and played and diapered, and nursed my baby all day long!

Well, this is my exciting life!


St. Rita's Roses said...

you are so funny...I love the shower comment...isnt that a huge accomplishment!!?? Gemma is precious! SO adorable...I hope she feels better and you all get sleep soon! Now go relax...looks like you were too productive to me!

All in His Perfect Timing said...

Wow ... EIGHT teeth!??! My goodness! She is a teething maniac! It does feel like an amazing accomplishment to do just 1 or 2 things and you did 10! You ROCK!
PS ... Gemma is so very adorable! <3 her!