Friday, February 8, 2013

I have a few minutes to spare tonight, so I thought I would just give some updates on Ms. Gemma.

1. She crawls around the house like she owns the place!
2. She loves to play fetch with herself... ok, so part of me feels bad that she plays by herself, but she loves it! Gemma will pick up a ball, or small toy and throw it and then crawl as fast as she can, laughing, and go pick it up and do it again. Cracks me up!
3. She found the kitchen cabinets! uh, oh! We are in some trouble. This just happened yesterday while E was in the kitchen he opened up a bottom cabinet in front of her, and as soon as he left she opened it up and then slammed it shut! She did that for about 5 min before she realized there were things inside the cabinet to get. And now she crawls into the kitchen and tries to open up all the cabinets to see what is inside.
4. My favorite thing so far is that she now says DAD! Gemma has been saying dad, dada, and baba, for almost 2 weeks now. The best is when we wake up and she looks over at her daddy sleeping in bed and says "hi dad!" and she waves to him! :) omg, I don't think my smile could get any bigger. It is the sweetest thing in the world! :)  And today at my mom's Gemma was playing with a baby doll and kept pointing at it saying "baba! baba!"

Very exciting stuff here!

So, I think that my next post should be about my weight loss efforts, b/c I need to be accountable for myself! I know this is nothing new, and several of you are also blogging about this, but we need support ladies! :)  I think this might be my 4th post about trying to start a new weight loss program! lol I really need help! ha!

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

It is so fun as they start talking!!! I love their little personalities!